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  1. Hey Luke, well I did consider knitting but couldnt get on with the needles. I havent touched my scope for months mainly cos of the weather dampening my initial enthusiasm. But watching the space shuttle launch the other day and the current clear skies has reignited my interest. Hoping i'll be able to sit outside without my rear end becoming one with the floor Had any successes of late? How you getting on with the heritage?
  2. seems to be finally coming to an end, the sky is 100% clear and I think the season to start using the Scope I bought before Christmas has begun. How has everyone been?
  3. Entering the coordinates into google earth takes litttle effort.
  4. Yes be very careful about posting your lat/long coordinates, as you could end up revealing your exact address to the world
  5. Is this title supposed to read 5.1.10? Did I miss this show last night? What channel was it on?
  6. It's going to be nearing -10 here, think i'll give it a miss tonight
  7. I will have to take a pic of my view from my doorstep. I've only in the last few days taken note of how many lights there are right across my view from N to SE, and that doesn't include lights coming from peoples houses, its in double figures. Luckily I have The Gower at about a half hour drive from my house, no chance of getting there in this weather though.
  8. Ah I see ok, I didn't realise that. I find it frustrating though that people seem to be able to spot the Andromeda galaxy for example, with their naked eye and I have not even come close to seeing it. I did tonight take note of how many lights there are in my general viewing direction, I counted 6 orange street lights, they are the main downfall I think. I just wish the ridiculous amount of ice on the roads would disappear so I could go further afield.
  9. Well I have been out twice tonight, I just got in after being out for around an hour, it's so cold it hurts. I am still yet to see anything but the moon in any kind of detail. I checked stellarium before I went out and I am pretty sure I was looking at Mars simply by the rough area it is shown to be in by stellarium. I saw it as nothing but a bright star, nothing resembling a planet whatsoever. This is getting really very frustrating
  10. I would love to see Andromeda, or any other galaxy for that matter. I've seen nothing apart from the moon since i've had my scope, I only have a view facing North to East from my house so it's pretty limited
  11. was quite clear here in SW a few hours ago, I didnt see anything. I'm going to try again after 10.
  12. From what Lukeskywatcher has said on here, and from what I can make out on my planisphere and stellarium I think you are right. The constellation bootes is what you are looking for.
  13. I was in a particularly tetchy mood that day I have to be honest, apologies. Anymore news on how he is doing?
  14. Thank you all, you've been more than helpful as usual, and given me plenty to be getting on with there
  15. Thanks for clarification Paul, I did not intend or want to mislead people I was just going by what I read.
  16. Thank you for that, I will download it now. I have had the skywatcher heritage 130p for a couple of weeks now, the only viewing I have had of note was a crystal clear view of the moon, learning about which area and what I am looking at really interests me.
  17. From what I have read (I am also totally new) they will be visible in any part of the sky that is clear from around 6pm uk time.
  18. I'm a total newbie, so any info from me is purely from what I have read over the internet. But I have read that they should be viewable pretty much anywhere in the sky (any direction) as long as it's clear, and the best time to view them in the UK will be from 6pm.
  19. As a total newcomer to Astronomy, and because it is a pretty safe bet I will get a few hours worth of a good view of it literally on my doorstep, I have decided to put my efforts into observing and studying the moon. I am currently working my way through 'Phillips moon observers guide' and was wondering if anybody else had done this? The Moon seems to be so easily overlooked for more 'glamorous' targets.
  20. I will be out hoping to get a glimpse of the Quadrantid meteor shower, which from what I read should be visible from around 6pm tonight. I've also just found this site which is apparently The Air Force Space Surveillance Radar over Texas which picks up echoes from the meteors. I've no idea what it's like but it sounds interesting.
  21. The person who started this thread is Sir Patrick Moore? Ok then
  22. I've just gone out to have a quick look, the moon was quite faded though as it's a bit hit and miss with the clouds here tonight; and i've broken my barlow lens in the process.
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