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  1. Thanks for the great responses everyone! I know telescopes are expensive and I would probably look at £300 mark and above if I have to. Cant wait to try and find the Nebulae near Orion's Belt! I would be happy spending 20-40 pounds on an eyepiece if you really think it is worth it. Plossl seems like the preferred brand! I have used the Barlow with the 20mm and with the Moon it has good effects however it seems like the scope is set up to work perfectly with just the 20mm. As focusing with Barlow is hard I will have to try and counterweight it! My wallet won't allow it yet but an interesting thing I thought of is the Celestron C8... is this too complex? I would rather save up for this, if this scope is sublime, than buy a dobsonian and then buy this at a later date- telling myself it will save money ? I am near the Peak District, Derbyshire/Staffordshire so a 20min drive I can be in some good dark sky spots but I don't know if there are any Gem spots or specific places I don't know of?
  2. Thanks a lot Peter, Yes I will probably have to look at upgrading then ?... can you recommend any telescopes? In the meantime I will look out for a 32mm eyepiece, are the sizes universal?
  3. Hello, I have recently bought a 76AZ and seen some incredible sites of the Moon, Venus was good to observe too (all through the 20mm) However Mars was a disappointment probably due to its size; and when I attach the Barlow Lense the zoom is there but the quality is definitely compromised. (Also find trouble with focusing as it shakes finding it hard to find the 'sweet spot') I am asking for some advice on how to 'tune up' or get the best out of my 76AZ, and for any advice on what optics/eyepieces to buy as I have read that the standard ones are not the best of quality. The finder scope is also terrible and will probably resort to fitting an Air Rifle scope in its place! Although guess work with two people works reasonably well! I would love gain any valuable Pointers & Tips anyone may have on how to use this telescope to its maximum performance or what things I can do to improve the quality etc. you can also be honest and say I need to just upgrade ha ha Thanks a lot in advance! ?
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