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  1. Thanks for that. I will see if anyone at local astronomy club can help. If not I will send off for service if possible. If not I'll just use at seized setting. Sounds like a iffy design problem. My seller kept everything absolutely immaculate, not a mark on anything. He said it just jammed first time he used it. Shortly after his purchase they had a baby and that then took all his time and he didn't send it back . Shame but one of them things. I have heard that baader do quality products? Reading the links you sent and finding out badder won't help out (in many cases) makes me reluctant to purchase any more of their products. Thanks again for your help
  2. Hi guys OK purchase a lovely set up yesterday hence the clouds haha One of the extras in the deal was a baader Hyperion zoom. The seller did tell me about this fault. The zoom lense is stuck! It moves between 8 and ten but then feels jammed. Seller only used the complete set up 3 times and everything is like new. Any ideas or should I just send this back to manufacturers for service? The package I purchased includes Skywatcher mak127 (with soft case) Eq5 pro with synscan Various camera attachment Barlows Filters Dew sheild Power supply (mains) Angle finder And loads of other little bits I have no idea about haha Cheers for any hep Ps seller Recons the lense is awesome and usable on setting 8. But it would be lovely to have it working properly.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Obviously I don't know anything about these mounts. But I'm keen to learn. IV got my eye on a eq5 pro with goto and a 127mak . I'm just checking before I jump in ha How long does it take to set this mount up? I'm actually leaning more towards a grab and go scope for learning as I feel I could set up in minute's and grab that valuable 30 mins use. I think it's mainly due to our amazing UK weather that the grab and go might suit better??? Cheers for ya help
  4. Probably a silly question? Can you set up an eq mount if you can't see the North Star from your garden due to buildings and tree's? Ta
  5. Hi guys IV been pondering setup's and still deep down I know that I will use a small quick to set up scope more than a large scope that needs power etc. Has anybody got any experience with that small vixen vmc110 and the porta 2 mount? IV been looking at various maks and mounts. I know this hasn't got the focal length or aperture but it's light weight and less prone to dew. Any advice very welcome. Thanks In advance
  6. it was the lunar orbiter's images I found that were taken from I think ,approx 31 miles away ,from lunar surface and much newer camera's/optics than 20 year old spy satellite I would imagine? I thought if I could see the rover, I could try and work out general scale, similar to looking at satellite images of earth Some of the photos I have seen so far on this site are absolutely mind blowing! Some taken with iPhone! I'm just having issues understanding the scale of images I am seeing. Observing images of a crater and I can't tell if it's 1m wide or 1000m wide.
  7. Hi just wondering if this is still for sale? Kind regards Paul
  8. Ok IV been googling, no more physics questions from me haha Think I need to enroll on a course. Wish I'd gone to a better school haha
  9. To be totally honest , I don't understand how people fly in a vacuum at all . If there is no atmosphere , what does the jet engine push off?
  10. Thanks for replying I'm just extremely interested and enjoying learning a new topic. I'm amazed by the skill set of everyone on here and taken back by the help I'm getting. I have heard things said about our moon that it's easier to pretend it's not there than explain it? This is enough to start my mind asking all sorts of questions. If we could read newspaper print or read a numberplate from 35k miles out in orbit ! Looking back through the same atmosphere that hinders all ground based astronomy. Why can't nasa or other agencies with satellites, telescope's and even Luna orbiter's see closer in ,on Apollo landing site with only unpolluted, clear space ??
  11. Thanks for replying. The images from the lro on Apollo landing site tho , surly they would have better zoom?? I'm assuming very little atmosphere compared to earth . It's so confusing haha
  12. I haven't bought any equipment yet. Purchased so far books , magazine's and a planisphere. I have a small pair of binoculars for now. Definitely need to learn alot before any nice shiny toys are aquired. Was looking at a mak127 but much more research is required
  13. I'm getting more and more confused haha So we have satellites with cameras that can zoom right in to minute detail on our earth!? I'm sure many years ago they boasted they could read newspaper print from orbit!? (I may be completely wrong here) IV just googled lro images of Apollo landing site and it's still quite a long way off what I would have expected. I think my lifelong perspective of distance to the moon is way off the mark. I assumed once in orbit with no atmosphere to hinder optics we could see better looking out rather than back in through our atmosphere. The learning curve on this subject is big haha
  14. Amazing pics, simply stunning. Can't believe all my life IV been fascinated by what's above us but not started learning till now.
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