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  1. If a disabled user was forced to log on to Google because information could not be sourced locally and Google opened in a new window, that user loses the ability to use the browser's back button in order to return to the site. They become disoriented. This conversation is off topic and I will not comment further, only to add that it is little wonder that the Internet is inaccessible to such a large percentage of people because of attitudes like yours. As I said before, it is not the sole domain of the young and abled bodied.
  2. I see you use a abbreviation/acronym tooltip for AFAIK, but as you know it is only mouse activated, unless you have taken the trouble to also make such tags keyboard accessible, as I have. I provide the means for a user to access information - people do not have to ask someone else! You should show consideration for all users, and not assume they know the meaning of abbreviations/acronyms and other Internet terminology or should know the meaning. Don't bother me go ask Google - what a mantra!
  3. I have just completed building a website for a local authority - it is built to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Triple-A Standard for accessibility. It is mouse and keyboard accessible, and caters for the blind and those with a range of other disabilities. It is easy for a person who can use a mouse to go to Google. The Internet is not for the young and able bodied alone!
  4. For novices like myself it is not always clear what an abbreviation means. Where the first instance of an abbreviation is used, its full meaning should be stated: In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) etc... A little thought would make it so much easier for newcomers.
  5. Thanks for that Michael, it was driving me to distraction.
  6. Eyeball

    Hello Hello

    Hello there, and welcome.
  7. Will someone tell me what IMHO means before I go nuts!!!!
  8. First target - open the boxes!
  9. Nice to have a bit of culture on the forum
  10. Yo dude, Jock, old boy. Nice entrance you have there.
  11. As you know from my signature, poetry is a passion of mine. It is a wonderful medium for expressing emotion. Over the years I have had many of my poems published - this is one of them; it would be ideal for getting you outside to your scope. Ode to a Lady Ode to a Lady Could I my captive heart ignore, As the golden radiance of daylight Merges with the blue-grey hue of evening, And I should close my mind to shadows That join and dance as one upon the wall, While the crimson sunset lays down its head Into the lap of night? Could I ignore the whispering of the trees Or the dawn as the messenger of light That greets the crystal dew Upon the waking meadows, Where beats the pulse of life In its many forms? Could I turn away the pleasures of my eyes; Blinded to the gentle rain that falls Upon the petal of a rose, Or the struggle of a new-born lamb To stand tall on elfin limbs? Could I ignore the woodland's changing hue Where weary green vacates the leaf to gold And the virgin snow blankets, so snugly, The primrose in its winter slumber? (At this point you gently caress your partner’s cheek with the back of your hand) To ignore all such things, my love, Would be to ignore the essence that is you. She bushes the hair from your forehead and places a warm scarf around your neck, which she proceeds to pull as tight as she can, until you turn blue. Well, it doesn’t work every time!
  12. Comsuming alchohol to the point of drowning - don't look to me for sympathy.
  13. Very useful information there John, thanks.
  14. A cracking era Ron - glad I was part of it.
  15. Thinking of purchasing one of the above. Are images inverted using a refactor - as with a reflector? What is the maximum magnification for this particular scope? Are they any good? Would appreciate some answers.
  16. What a Plössl(tive) response to my thread - it's a Revelation!
  17. Celestron Dion - My heart will go on
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