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  1. I happened to look up whilst observing mars and saw it. It had already broken up into sveral trails but I didn't have time to grab my bino's though. 4 miles north of Leicester
  2. Lemmy


    Visit HeavensAbove.com. You will have to input your location and specify 'previous' to show yesterdays visible passes.
  3. Hi there I am a member but was not able to get to the last meeting. I think there are a few LASers here. Will try for the next meeting about Gagarin - sounds promising
  4. One shouldn't assume that just because someone has just joined this forum that they are newcomers to astronomy! To act in a superior manner would be a grave error and might serve to put folks off from joining.
  5. I am also contemplating joining this society. Looked at their website for details of meetings but it is out of date. When do they meet next?
  6. Lemmy

    scope ok?

    How much do you value your scope? To be on the safe side I would have moved it inside.
  7. Its a great idea. If the tube is mounted (effectively) on the chair then the chair should be structurally sound and rock solid, free from vibrations or slight movement resulting from the occupier moving. You would probably need to have extendable jacks to raise the rubber/pneumatic chair tyres off the ground as Wobbly Bob says. I would asume that there is obviously a need for such a device and I'm sure that there must be a commercial viability to the idea.
  8. I have an ETX125PE just like the one you are considering. I would point out the following: 1. Its ok for luna photography - I have mounted my Canon 400D at prime focus - fairly high ISO and short exposure times. 2. The alt-az mount is not suitable for long exposures - you need an EQ mount. The ETX tripod does have a built-in wedge for polar mounting but I haven't tried it as the fork mount then gives limitations if you have a camera mounted at prime focus. 3. The mechanics of the ETX are reputed to be rather limited and weak so it would be a good idea not to overload it (whatever 'overload' means and I'm reluctant to find out). My 400D hanging out the back seems horrendous when you see it there. 4. The ETX tracking drives aren't designed for accurate long period photo exposures. If you are considering the ETX go to Weasners ETX website for some good insight. If you want good astrophotography capabilities, best go for something with a good EQ mount.
  9. Hope that it's well balanced/clamped - if it is lowered too far it will flatten her
  10. 123,000 dollars qnd you don't even get any eyepieces!
  11. Nice image - its more than the clouds would let me see
  12. SPM - get well soon and best wishes
  13. That is absolutely stunning It makes you wonder just what else (or who else) is out there
  14. Thanks all for the inputs. I have tried lunar imaging with my Canon 400D at prime focus but: 1. Its an awful lot of weight hanging out the back of the ETX and I understand that the ETX mechanics are fairly fragile and don't really like the extra weight/leverage 2. I understand that the ETX drive isn't best suited for long exposure I think that I may investigate the QHY5V a little further
  15. Slightly off topic but you might want to consider getting the right angle view finder - it makes viewing/focussing so much easier when the camera is fixed to a scope or tripod and aimed fairly high in the sky.
  16. I was all set to buy the Celestron Neximage camera but then I read the S @ N review which placed the Meade LPI above it. Now I'm not so sure. The NexImage also has a reducer lens available which would be useful but the LPI is cheaper. First I want to use it on my ETX125PE but I am also considering buying an Orion Optics Europa 200 f6 or maybe a Europa 250 f4.8 so that I can go deep sky better than the ETX. The review also mentioned the QHY5V but the lack of dedicated software is a concern. As for the DFK21AU04.AS I really don't want to spend that much money so that is out of the equation. Question: Bearing in mind the S @ N review, what are the experiences and recommendations of those of you who have used 3 cameras concerned?
  17. I've already booked my table at the 'Restaurant at the End of the Universe' - looking forward to watching it all happen.
  18. I had to start wearing specs because of astigmatism; as I got older I had to have a pair for reading as well as normal astignatism correction. I tried bifocals but due to my posture at work in the earlier days using a drawing board I developed nodules on the vertebrae in my neck which caused me much pain with bifocals so I ended up not being able to use bifocals properly. Now at 60+ my focussing muscles have stiffened to the point where I now have three pairs of specs constantly available: close reading, computer and normal distance (for driving etc). What a pain in the neck (if you'll excuse the pun)! At the telescope & bins I use my normal distance specs. But I'm thankful for what i've got - at least I can see. Cheers
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