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  1. I just want to say a quick thanks for the knowledge shared on this forum. I don't always post if I have a problem as most things I want to know have already been covered. The amount of information stored on this site when searched is immense. I've spent the last 2 days reading up on a problem with my scope that was down to pinched optics and due to the quality of information I have managed to fix the problem myself. Last night I had such a good view of the stars, which are no longer triangular shaped.
  2. I've just downloaded this and have started running the program. Should be able to run it for a few hours most days.
  3. Thanks Alan, I'm looking forward to playing around and learning how to use the scope and eventually buy some more accessories. I have started to look at web cameras to get some better photo's, the pic of the moon has became my phone's screensaver.
  4. Very quick update as it's a clear night so I intend to spend an hour or two getting used to the new scope. I have just been looking at the moon for the first time through the scope, and all I can say is wow! I had completely forgotten how much I loved astronomy in the past and this has brought it all back with a massive bang. I have taken 1 photo using the scope and a 20mm plossl with my phone so it can remind me why I have returned to this hobby on those cloudy nights.
  5. I've noticed on eBay that the majority of scopes and other equipment all seem to be about 200+ miles away. I did manage to get an eq5 mount on gumtree for £50
  6. Mine is about the same length. I'm now practicing the set up and balance. I hope to start using it at the end of the week when my work shifts are over.
  7. If the skies stay clear then I'll try tonight. The images may not be great as I will be holding the bins in one hand and will be using my phone to take some pictures with the other hand.
  8. Just waiting for a clear night, whenever that will be!
  9. I've bought a Bresser NT 150s scope. It's OTA and there are no eyepieces with it. The scope is 150/750 f/5. I'm looking at buying 2 eyepieces now and add to them at a later date. So far I have found 9mm & 20mm GSO plossl, 10mm vixen plossl and 10mm & 20mm Bresser plossl. Will any of these be any good or should I be looking at something else?
  10. So far I have found a 9mm & 20mm GSO, 10mm vixen (no idea what they are like) and 10mm & 20mm bresser eye pieces. From what I have read, GSO and revelation are the same?
  11. I've started to look at some eye pieces for the scope. I only want 2 for now as I intend to add others at a later date, maybe a new one every month / other month. I was thinking of an 8-10mm plossl and 20-25mm plossl, then maybe next month when I get paid add a 15mm. Does this sound reasonable? I have seen a couple of GSO pieces on astroboot and was thinking of those as a decent starter.
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