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  1. Cheers guys, Madrid and Barcelona are a bit far from me. Strange that a region the size of Andalucia with such great skies has a lack of a decent shop selling 'scopes. Maybe a market for somebody...
  2. Hi, I'm a British ex-pat in southern Spain :sunny: I'm trying to find a decent telescope shop (Celestron/Meade stockist) but having problems. Just wondered if anyone might know of any? I live in Cómpeta (between Malaga and Granada) so anywhere in that vicinity would be ideal but I'd travel further if I had to. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated... I know a bit of long-shot but you never know
  3. Thanks for the really useful advice. It really sucks that you have to pay twice the price in the UK for the same piece of kit Even with 17.5% extra and shipping, there's still a £600 saving to be had on the CPC if you import from the US. I take the point about the warranty though and that would be my only reason for not doing this and an excellent point regarding the mount. I think because of that and what you guys are saying about the optics, I think I'm now leaning towards the AS9.25 now and I hadn't thought much about photography or swapping other scopes onto the mount which would be a nice bonus. Anyway, I followed the link that maroon bells left and the photos of Saturn and Jupiter on that page blew me away. On my current 114GT, both Jupiter and Saturn have been very disappointing. (you can just about make out the rings on Saturn with my current 'scope (although you have to squint to see them(!) and there is no detail at all (this was with a 2x Barlow and a 10mm eye-piece) and Jupiter was just a round grey splodge. I can't wait to get the new 'scope! I've seen both the 'scopes in a show-room so know that they are a lot bigger than my current one. I'd have to assemble it each time I wanted to use it as it would be too big to store in a room somewhere fully assembled but I guess I'd learn how to do this quickly once I'd had the 'scope a while. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I think my mind is now made up.
  4. I've currently got a NexStar 114 GT which has served a purpose and got me hooked on astronomy and I've been looking for months now for my next 'scope and I've narrowed my decision to either a CPC 9.25" or Advanced Series 9.25...but the difference in price between the two is huge. 9.25" seems (for me) the best balance between portability, stow-away-ability and power hence the choices. I've read that the CPC 9.25 is very recommended but was wondering what the difference was optically between the CPC and the Advanced Series 9.25? The difference in price is approx £700 which is a lot of money for the same aperture. I guess you get better electrical toys on the CPC but are they worth the extra money? Also, another thought that I am toying with is that because the pound is so strong against the dollar at the moment, is it worth buying from the states and getting the 'scope shipped across (I figure it would cost half the price if I purchased in dollars (and then I would definitely go for the CPC as it would be well within my budget.)
  5. I like the convenience of Goto (better in theory than practice) but it is obviously just a luxury. The quality of the tracking is also dependant on the accuracy of the motor and maybe this is improved in the Advanced series (especially if the firmware and motor are different.) I'm quite lucky that i have a good telescope shop nearby but it only stocks Celestron so I'll have to find somewhere that sells Meades and get a closer look and then look more closely at the reality of both (I do like the sound of a 12" aperture!)
  6. Thanks for the helpful advice. I had planned (eventually) on getting a second 'scope to leave in Spain but I hadn't looked at truss dob's until I saw your replies. You seem to get a lot of aperture for your money but it looks like the trade-off is no motor and you'd also need some sort of cover to stop ambient light or dirt getting onto the mirrors. Also wondering how painless it is to assemble/disassemble? The big appeal is the cost per apperture inch as 12" is seriously huge for less than £1000 (£589 was the cheapest I've seen) The views must be awesome! My only issue with buying the 12" Lightbridge would be the lack of any 'Goto' as although it doesn't work very well on the NexStar, at least it points you in the general direction and then you can manually find what you are looking for by cross-checking a smaller portion of the sky against sky charts. Having said that, I'm not sure if the Celestron Advanced Series shares the same 'Goto' as the NexStars. I wouldn't want to pay £2000 for a 'scope and find that it shares components that are also part of a £400 'scope. If that is the case, I may as well go for something like the Lightbridge which second your opinions and has some excellent reviews and forget about the GT.
  7. I've got a Celestron NexStar 4.5" scope that I've had for a couple of years which I'm now thinking of replacing with something more powerful. I've decided on a Schmidt-Cassegrain more than anything else for portability (I go to Spain 4 tmes a year to visit family and the skies are stunning out there in the Alpujarras!) Anyway, I've decided that i want at least 8" (current 4.5" scope not nearly clear enough) but then i thought why not go the extra mile and get a 11" scope for approx £2,000 (my absolute max budget) Obviously, I don't want to spend money for the sake of it so I'm wondering what would I see with 11" that I'd miss out on if i bought a 8" (all other things being equal)? For observing, I really enjoy planetary viewing, particularly Saturn and Jupiter but with a better scope I can see myself becoming more interested in deeper space objects such as nebulae and galaxies. I quite like the look of the Celestron Advanced GT series but the 'Goto' on my current model is not great and I also didn't like the way the handset cable gets twisted around the scope as it rotates and it would put me off if the GT on the Advanced series is the same as the NexStar. I would find the Goto far more useful if it worked but I can't really afford the CGE series So, my shortlist is currently: C8-SGT (XLT) £1300 C91\4-SGT (XLT) £1750 C11-SGT (XLT) £2000 Are there any other scopes that I should be considering? I've not really looked at the Meade range yet (maybe their 'Goto' is better)... (I'm currently favouring the 9 1\4 model as a compromise but not decided) Jon
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