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  1. For these telescopes GSO provide mirrors with ‘enhanced Al coating to 95% reflectivity’. As far as we know there are no alternative specifications available for these models. HTH, Steve
  2. Unfortunately not, it sold over a year ago.
  3. We are the vendor. We have provided a telescope that has been tested by Es Reid so are confident it will perform well. We offered to accept the telescope back for refund because after he received it Jaxon posted here saying he also wants a report/certificate. We don't offer that. All telescopes sold at FLO are covered by our 30-day return policy. HTH, Steve
  4. At FLO we must be careful not to change something for the sake of change. @Seelive referred to market forces: Currently FLO is responsible for the majority of Esprit telescopes purchased in the U.K. Most owners want Es to check their telescope before dispatch. Returns are very low and very few owners request a ‘certificate’ (those that do, perhaps 3-4x annually, usually live outside the U.K. so are not familiar with Es’ reputation). We like the idea of a holo-sticker but are reluctant to ask Es for anything that might increase the time/cost necessary for him to test a telescope. Steve
  5. You are welcome to return your telescope for a full refund. Steve
  6. Regarding the Es Reid optical bench test. To keep the price low we ask only that Es' confirms the telescope is a good example and performs as it should. He checks the optics are well figured and properly aligned. I.e. he checks for star-shape, colour, spherical aberrations and astigmatism. If he finds a misalignment/aberration he corrects it on the bench. If this is not possible the telescope is rejected. Es doesn't provide a test report or certificate. Think of it as an extra layer of quality control. For more info regarding the Es Reid test please see here: Some time after that post we made the Es Reid test available for Esprit telescopes. Then about a month ago we decided to Es Reid test ‘all’ our Esprit telescopes. Our customer receipts make this clear but perhaps we should also consider adding a holo-sticker or similar to the telescopes, so they are easily identifiable. Will give that some thought. It is Sunday and my lunch is on the table so will log off now Steve
  7. Hi Jaxson, Delays during the pandemic are due only to the pandemic. Manufacturers continue to struggle with high demand, materials shortages and reduced shipping channels. More info can be found at our website. We close for weekends but myself or a colleague will see your email then respond when we reopen tomorrow/Monday. Enjoy your weekend Steve
  8. No problem and no need for a snip Reviews on other forums are interesting but we are more interested in new reviews of StellaLyra telescopes. Reviews posted by owners here at SGL. Sales are good so I don't think it will be long. At FLO our understanding of these designs comes largely from Ian King. Ian is a colleague but prior to him joining FLO he sold (through his website, Ian King Imaging) these designs for around a decade so has plenty of knowledge and experience. Steve
  9. For visual use we recommend one of the the Classical Cassegrain models. They have a hyperbolic secondary and parabolic primary. Their high contrast and long focal ratios make them especially good for lunar and planetary observing, and imaging. They don't need a large glass corrector so are less prone to dew than a SCT or Maksutov. The open tube design also cools quicker and the fixed primary means no mirror flop. They are also less collimation sensitive than the Ritchey-Chrétien models. There is a lot to like They don't include a case. We will look at making cases available separately. HTH, Steve
  10. Don’t worry, we can’t hear you over the till’s ‘ker-ching’
  11. Also available here StellaLyra 10" f/8 M-LRC Ritchey-Chrétien Carbon Truss Telescope OTA
  12. No problem Would you mind if we loan you one of our reducers (it is made by GSO, like the telescope)? It will be good to know how it compares. Please PM me if you are willing. Steve
  13. ^ What he said Perhaps when Johninderby posted a link to the same telescope at 365astronomy it was to demonstrate what we said in our original post is true. “Manufactured by Guan Sheng Optical in Taiwan”. You can of course buy these same designs wearing other brand names like Orion, TS, Omegon, etc. We have always been transparent regarding who manufacturers our telescopes (retailers do not manufacture telescopes). GSO enables retailers who meet their criteria and are able to order in sufficient quantity to brand their designs. Some simply use their own company name or logo. Others, like us, launch unique brand names. Having our own brand enables us to identify telescopes sourced and sold by us and support them (FLO is the only UK astronomy retailer with a fully equipped/staffed workshop and Es Reid handles optical work if necessary). You can buy with confidence. HTH, Steve
  14. We don't have a x0.5 or x0.33 but we do have a 0.75x Reducer for StellaLyra / GSO Ritchey Chretien OTAs.
  15. Oops. Sorry. The text now says 3.25" focuser top and bottom Currently we don't think that is necessary but will monitor and review our decision over time. We have had our eye on these models for some but waited until the designs had matured. A good example ^ Collimation has improved too Steve
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