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  1. Thanks for this. I'll start browsing FLO for the required parts!
  2. Excellent! That clears things up for me. Thanks.
  3. OK, I've got a 8" Dob (Skyliner 200P), with a 1200mm focal length - I know a dob mount isn't the best, but I'm talking 'hypothetical' here Regarding the cameras, it appears that you take OFF the lens, and screw on an adapter to connect directly into the scopes lens mount. Is this not the case? Does the adapter connect to the END of the camera lens like a lens-hood? Thanks for your reply btw!
  4. Hi all, Looking at various tutorials on connecting a DSLR to a telescope, it appears you just put the camera straight onto a scope with no lens on the scope or camera? (With an adapter obviously). Doesn't this just make it the same as pointing a camera to the sky with no magnification? I thought the whole point in using a telescope rather than just some kind of mount would be to get magnification of planets and such? Very curious here, and would love to know where my line of thought breaks down. Thanks all. CDL
  5. South staffs very clear. Amazing viewing of Saturn!!!
  6. Hi all, Just got my scope last week, and have only had a couple of nights viewing out of it, but tonight was amazing! It was amazing in the sense that I saw Saturn, and was absolutely blown away! (I bought my Dad a scope for Christmas, and even phoned him to let him know where it was, and when I heard Mum in the background exclaiming "I can even see the rings!!!" I knew he'd been blown away too - enough to drag Mum outside in her dressing gown ) Mars was a little less impressive, just a pea-size white ball. I then had a look at that cloudy nebula in Orion which was fantastic too, and the Pleides which is pretty special. My problem is, what next? I keep going back to the two or three things I know, and don't know where else to look. Don't get me wrong, I could look at them all night - but I wonder what else is out there. Where do I go next? Have I seen the most impressive sights, or are there many more to look at? (Also, the dob is giving me a muscle ache in my side and a stiff neck - anything I can do about that?!) Regards, cdlftw.
  7. I'm guessing he looked online at one of the many places that list when/where they can be expected. Here's just one at random, listing the next 7 days. Iridium flares cdlftw
  8. I bought an Explorer 130P for my Dad as a Christmas present, which is on an EQ2 mount I believe. Unfortunately the folks like ~100 miles away, so he'd be on his own with the learning curve anyway... Another reason that swayed my decision for a Dob was my daughter is only 4 and should be able to take a look with minimal effort - I'm keen to show her the wonders of the universe at a young age - I think she'll be mesmorised!
  9. Thanks guys for all your assistance! Put in the order to FLO a few minutes ago for the 8" Dob!!! Can't blumming wait!!! I also apologise in advance for all the clouds that will descend on the Midlands within the next couple of days!
  10. LOL, very true. Bought my Dad a scope at Xmas, and he's only had TWO clear nights - whereas me with no scope looks up to an inky black sky with millions of crisp bright stars 4 nights out of 7!!!
  11. Unfortunately no barlow is shipped with the dob, just a 10mm and a 25mm...
  12. Wow! Thanks for the quick replies guys! I guess FLO will be getting an order within an hour or two! Just another quick question - Mars is VERY bright at the moment, and I'd love to get a good look at it. If I get the 200P (which I'm 99% sold on!) what else could I do with, a 2x/3x/4x Barlow? I guess with the supplied lenses I'll see nothing more than I see now with my naked eye? Thanks, Craig.
  13. Hi all, I've posted here before when I was choosing a scope for a Christmas gift and found the replies very helpful! It's got to the point where I'm cursing NOT having a scope of my own when there's dark skies every night, and I'm now at a point where I would like to purchase one. I've currently got it down to two choices, the raved about Explorer 150P, or the Skyliner 200P Dob... which would you choose, and why? Thanks, Craig.
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies so far, I'm away from the scope at the minute so can't check, but will post findings when I have them. I just hope it's something like the focuser being in, and not something to do with a mirror!
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