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  1. I need to remove the primary mirror to clean it but I don't know how to get it off and I don't want to do it wrong. Can anybody help? Pictures would be great, thanks!
  2. I have an XT8 Dobsonian and I wanted to convert it to a goto telescope with tracking capabilities. I wanted to know how to go about this. Can anybody help?
  3. I have an Orion XT8 PLUS which has an 8-inch aperture and 1200mm focal length.
  4. I have a 8" Dobsonian and my highest magnification right now is 240X, so it looks like I'm going to get to see Jupiter very well.
  5. I remember seeing a website that had a chart that compared the stars that you can see in the bowl of the big dipper to the magnitude. I can't find it but I want to know how so I can calculate the magnitude in my area. Does anyone know of a website or know what I'm talking about?
  6. I was looking at one that looks almost identical to the one that you are talking about.
  7. Oh ok, I will do that! Yeah, I guess it does need a rest! Got a long life ahead of it!
  8. I want to view Jupiter through my new telescope but, it's not visible in my area until like 1 A.M. I don't want to get up and get all set up then look at Jupiter and not see the red spot or any of its moons. Does anybody know what Jupiter will look like tonight? Thanks?
  9. I want to see Jupiter through my new telescope but it isn't visible where I live until 1 A.M. I don't want to get up and go out there and look at Jupiter and not see the red spots or any moons. Does anyone know what it is like? Thanks?
  10. Well, the sun needs to wake up...I know its tired from all the years of working hard but, I want to see some sunspots!
  11. I saw some stuff on the sun when I looked through it but nothing major. You are right about not a lot of sunspots...kind of disappointing.
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