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  1. @banjaxed - i've seen the ad, it looks like a great set up but a bit far to go an pick up I'm afraid.
  2. @Helen thanks so much for the explanation, it's much clearer now. It looks like i'll still need to save a bit more for the ideal set up. I've been looking around and i think I could afford an EQ3-2 with GOTO and a 130PDS. I can add my QHDM guiding set up. does that sound like a wise move?
  3. @Helen thanks. I think SH is the way to go. although i find it all quite confusing. Am I right in thinking all GOTO mounts will track? So perhaps an EQ3 might suit my needs?
  4. @banjaxed @Louis D thanks for the advice. I want to do astrophotography no just visual, so guess I might have to wait and save up a bit more. Unless there are SH options. The Go to is really important as I have been hopeless at getting the targets in the frame so far!
  5. I'm looking for my first scope and Go-to tracking mount and tripod bundle. I've been using the SA for my astrophotography for about 2 years now and think its time to move up. Is there something out there for under £500 SH?
  6. Thanks Dave. I had never thought of that. Massive help.
  7. Does anyone know an accessory for making minor adjusting to the RA axis. Unlocking the clutch each time I want to reposition the camera often knocks it out of PA. (I don't want to use a ball head) Any tips welcome. Thanks
  8. Anyone using a QHY5M camera? I am having problems getting an image in live view. I just got my mono camera for guiding and planetary with a 50mm starwave guide scope. I'm attempting to test in in the day light. I've connected to APT. I have live view on but it only shows static. I've adjusted focus on the guide scope and changed the depth the camera is in the scope but still can't get an image on the live view. Anyone got any advice? TIA
  9. Thanks Louise, I hadn't heard of the 8bit mode so will definitely check that out. The rest I was aware of just need to put it into practice.
  10. I missed your reply Maxrayne - I ended up going with the QHY5-II MONO and a 50mm-Mini-Guidescope. Still working out how to get PHD2 working!
  11. I've been playing around with some old moon shots I had and decided to re-edit this one. IT's a single frame at 400mm Cropped and processed in LR, although I might have pushed it a bit too far... I'm keen to try a mosaic next now that I have my new QHY5-II M to play with so any advice or if anyone knows a great tutorial they can point me to that would be cool.
  12. I am looking for some recommendations for which guide package to get to go with my DSLR and SA. I don't mind going budget on this one (actually prefer it) and upgrading in the future. Its has been suggested that a webcam and cheap finder scope would also work but I don't know where to start with this either . There are so many different combinations and options out there it's got my head all confused! I've seen this combo being used before and they look great but unfortunately new they are above budget. WO 50mm Guidescope - ZWO ASI290MM Mini I'd love to pick up a package on the SH market; if you know where I can look or know one's going please let me know. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks Leon
  13. I can't find any clip in Light pollution filters for Nikon cameras, specifically my trusty D90. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one? it's been suggested that I just get a cannon already and I might in a few years but not now! I have found this Optolong UHC Ultra High Contrast Filter - Nikon D5000, D5100 Clip filter, but I don't know if it will work with a Nikon d90? any advice would be appreciated! cheers
  14. After much deliberation, I decided not to buy twice and just get a clip in filter, but frustratingly I can't find one for Nikon Cameras, specifically my trusty D90. does anyone know if someone makes them and where I can get my hands on one?
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