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  1. You can also look on astrobin.
  2. You would use one of https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/skywatcher-dslr-m48-ring-adapter.html to attach it to the focal reducer/flatterer. The purpose of a guide camera in a nutshell is to make small corrections to the tracking of your mount. It does this by locking onto a star and monitoring how far it drifts in the frame of your picture, then sending corrections to the mount to bring it back.
  3. If that's the case I think the D2 is the way to go because locally my street lamps are LED. Thank you for the input.
  4. Chosing between the P2 or D2 is tricky. I do see a red shift to all my pictures, would that suggest that my light pollution is mostly from old style sodium lamps? Which would make the P2 the better choice?
  5. Hi all, I've been looking into getting a light pollution filter for my setup for the upcoming dark nights and would appreciate some recommendations on what to get. My setup is a Skywatcher 80ED DS-Pro -> FF/Reducer -> Modded Canon 700d under Class 5 Bortle skies. I think my light pollution is a mixture of LED street lamps and the old style ones but I can't be certain what the dominant light frequencies are. I am also planning to move to a dedicated astro mono camera with filter wheel one day so in an ideal world I would like it to be compatible with that is possible (so avoiding clip in filters if poss).
  6. scitmon

    First AP set up advice

    Out of interest, why the eqm-35 Pro over say a HEQ5?
  7. scitmon

    Confused with EQMOD

    Plate solving is a god send. I do it with APT and it saves so much setup time.
  8. I believe the HEQ5 is good for the ed80, but I would stump up extra for the Rowan Belt modded version https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/sky-watcher-heq5-pro-with-rowan-belt-mod-upgrade.html. I went for an AZEQ6 myself to future proof for any possible bigger telescopes I might want in the future. No regrets with my choices, but it is a heavy piece of kit tho which is a down side when it comes to setting up. If you are in no rush, I would defiantly read the making every photon count book first.
  9. +1 for the SW ED80 and the AZEQ6, EQ6-R or belt modded HEQ5 . I've also been tempted with an Edge HD for a while now, they do look like great scopes but I do think it's for very experienced astrophotgraphers. Maybe one day when I've accomplished all I can with the ED80 I will get it.
  10. scitmon


    Also I'm not sure, someone more knowledgeable can answer this, but I suspect an extension tube maybe required to achieve focus on a dslr with the 200p?
  11. scitmon


    Also, I suggest you get https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html. It will tell you all you need to know and help your dodge some pitfalls.
  12. scitmon


    I'm not sure your mount will be up to the task of tracking such a big scope for long exposures. It's still worth trying for the practice and experience but prepare yourself for some difficulties. As far as cameras go, I recommend buying a modded dslr for deep sky objects. Take a look as https://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/Available-Cameras.html I have used them and Jose has a good rep on these forums.
  13. Are these reductions for a limited time? I've been resisting a C8 Edge for while now
  14. scitmon

    Bits to buy for new ED80

    Fair enough, until you are ready to get the FF/R, an M56 to M48 adapter will be needed, along with a M48 T-ring (not sure what size you have already?)
  15. scitmon

    Bits to buy for new ED80

    No, the adapter is clamped on with the standard compression ring.

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