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  1. To each their own - I'm not a fan of the user interface, and Ive given it a fair crack. If Im not using it regularly its like starting all over again, and I find that extremely frustrating and annoying.
  2. I managed to completely destroy my Mesu - was taking my telescope off the saddle with the counter weights still on, and the moment the scope was removed the entire mount toppled over destroying the RA axis. Its not viable to have it repaired, so it's an expensive lesson.
  3. There are a few threads on cloudynights about it - worth checking out. I would not want to be an earlier adopter just yet though.
  4. Well - actually I dont want to go into analysis of my mount specifically, but really ask others of their experience with bad seeing, and its effects on guiding.
  5. Funny - it worked when the scope was pointed south just now. Hmm.
  6. I dont actually see that specific option in SGP - but when I was looking at it appeared to pause (from my memory) and when the flip completed the PHD lines went it off the scale. At this point I went into scitechexe and unchecked 'Reverse RA Guide mode when looking east'. That didn't seem to make a difference, but I thought perhaps I would need to restart Scitechexe to make that apply. I did that and then did my normal SGP routine - take an image, blind solve it and then get SGP to run. That is when it had plate solve issues. In the end I manually moved the scope back to park, and then repeated the Blind solve-sync. It all worked fine after that...
  7. Was lucky enough to see my Mesu mount do a meridian flip tonight - very strange behaviour. Firstly after the flip SGP seemed to recentre the target just fine, but then when it continued to platesolve the target got more off centre until it failed. I also noticed that PHD2 guiding when berserk. I have read quite a lot about flips here and have setup PHD2, SQP and Scitechexe as per recommended settings (so I believe), but it was a complete fail. I ended up having quit out of SGP and then restart the sequence. I also had to recalibrate PHD. Not so automated Perhaps it is a southern hemisphere thing?
  8. Just was doing some imaging tonight with the Mesu, and had some periods of average guiding (could see some elongation in the stars) and other periods of better (but still not amazing) guiding. While I am not ruling out some equipment issue, my feeing is that this is probably just sub standard 'seeing'. For those experienced users (and particularly those with 'premium' mounts) - can poor seeing on its own really have such a dramatic effect on guiding? what is a reliable way to determine how bad the seeing is?
  9. Oh well clouds have moved in now, but it is all looking ok - calibration working, and nothing out of the ordinary that I could see in guiding. I did have a scare though - huge orb spider was trying to make a web on my telescope! I am very grateful for them to catch flies and mozzies, but my scope is off limits I flicked it off and cleared the web, so no harm done to scope or Arachnid...(although perhaps some of those blips were caused by spider web drag?)
  10. One other problem with this mount - I am now micro analysing every single blip in PHD guiding that gets out of the +- 0.5 line Perhaps it is time to close the PHD graph, and enjoy life
  11. So the update seems to have resolved the error:
  12. I have installed the update, so weather permitting I will see how it goes. Can always revert back.
  13. Your astro images would indicate an extreme level of technical ability
  14. HEADS UP - Dan has fixed this, and a new version of scitechexe has been released: http://siderealtechnology.com/SiTechSetup092ge.exe
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