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  1. Losmandy G11, c/w Ovision worm upgrade, Gemini L4 GOTO, tripod, 3 x stainless steel counterweights, PSU & Peli case. Open to reasonable offers. Losmandy G11 mount Ovision precision worm gear (NS0700408) Gemini Level 4 controller software 3 x 9Kg Stainless steel counterweights (made by Brian at Astroparts) Polar scope with illuminated reticule Upgraded Altair Astro saddle (both Losmandy/Vixen dovetails) 12V regulated power supply 1 long and 1 very long serial cable, with optional USB/serial converter, for PC control Losmandy HD-Tripod 2 x 12" tripod extension Pelica
  2. I've read conflicting opinions, some have advised that the limit is 30 subs, others have implied that there is no real limit and are talking in the 100s I've stacked my frames in DSS, but I am stumped as to how to approach background netralisation and noise reduction in PI, with so much detail that I want to retain. It's a case of multiple runs until I find a solution that fits.
  3. Looking forward to seeing 20-30 min exposures
  4. Thanks. I was quite surprised by the amount of detail captured. This is my first real attempt at narrowband imaging, I have a number of projects running in parallel, which I hope to share soon :-)
  5. I have a question regarding the number of subs, for both narrowband and DSLR imaging, what is the the maximum number of subs one can realistically use, before there is no further benefit from adding more? Or is there no limit?
  6. Nice image Carole, I managed to get 34x5min lights, with a 450D and 200mm f/2.8 lens @ f4.0, a couple of weeks back. No opportunity to add to the frames, since. What's a sensible limit to the number of light frames that can be stacked, before there's no improvement on noise? I read somewhere that beyond 30 frames there is no more advantage gained by adding further frames.
  7. Good evening all, It's been a while. Here's a quick Rosette for you, a work in progress... NGC2237 - The Rosette Nebula Constellation: Monoceros Date taken: 30/11/16, 1/12/16, 19/12/16 & 3/1/17 Location: Bean, Kent 10 hours total exposure, 20 min subs; Ha:11, OIII:10, SII:9 Camera: QSI683wsg8, set point cooling -10°C, Astrondon Ha 3nm, OIII 5nm, SII 5nm Scope: Skywatcher ED80 DS Pro Mount: Paramount MX+ Guidescope: N/A Guide camera: Lodestar2 The SkyX Professional, PixInsight, Nebulosity 4, Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 NGC2237.tif
  8. Hi Dave, I think an SCT is more forgiving, with focus distance, but I am using a low profile Moonlite focuser on a Celestron Newt and it seems I am only mm away from achieveing focus with the Atik OAG, associated adaptor and Baader MPCC. I intend to aquire the RCCI Baader unit, which has a longer back focus (91.5mm) and is allegedly developed for this scenario. Paul
  9. Judging by the responses received, I can only presume nobody is interested in the solution.
  10. Sorry, I know this is an old post, but I may need to purchase one of these correctors, as I have the Atik OAG. Did you get satisfactory results, after adjustments?
  11. Hi Adam, Your sensor should be 55mm +/- 1mm from the back face of your corrector. Cheers Paul
  12. Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you all Up until now, I have been happily imaging with my Skywatcher ED 80 Pro. I admit I have made things easier for myself when I upgraded my mount from a G11, to a Paramount MX+ and purchased a QSI 683, with the built in filter wheel and OAG. However, I would like to be able to use my colour Atik 314L+ with my Celestron C8 NGT. Last night, I mounted both scopes, side by side on the MX+, the ED80 still set up with the QSI. It seems that due to the increased focal length of the Newtonian, even the slightest adjustments during guiding manifest themselves
  13. I'm about 20 mins from Eynsford, I'm in Dartford. I'll be getting the QSI Canon lens adaptor eventually, for wide field shots. I'll take a look at that steeltrack and diamond track. Might see if the helpful guys at FLO can do me a deal on an ED80 with steel/diamond track, with the motoriser option ;-) Although, having just looked at it, Not suitable for new-style Baader SteelTrack Diamond focusers. Paul
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