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  1. When you decide what you might like to buy, keep an eye on astronomy buy and sell uk and on the used for sale area in this forum. If you catch the bug you can spend an awful lot of money! Welcome
  2. I agree with the wd40 seeping into where you dont want it to go. Put some sewing machine oil (its very thin) on a piece of thin card and dab it in the tiny gap you can get with the focuser unscrewed as far as possible, screw it back in and keep screwing in out in out see if it gradually comes a bit further each time
  3. Lukeskywatcher and Beerme I have to say Monarch Airline were fantastic, the have a "special Requests" dept that dealt with everything to enable us to fly. We packed all the medical stuff in one suitcase, there is no limit on how much weight you take for disabled aids and medical supplies with them. We actually brought an empty suitcase back inside another one because we used up the whole suitcase of meds! Liz is fed specialist liquid feed with a tube that is permanently placed in her neck and goes straight to her heart, 4 of these plus the pump, plus all the sterile packs etc. It took every bit of her strength and courage to make this trip it can be done, just go for it. All the connections to the hotel were mini buses with a full wheelchair lift. We kitted out the wheelchair with wheel blades and they certainly transform the wheel chair, was so easy to use on compact snow. Your welcome to PM me if you want details
  4. I had decided not to take a DSLR because you never have the right lens or filter or tripod and spend so long to get a perfect picture you miss the experience of just enjoying the moment. And when ever something happens the camera is not with you. I now rely solely on my Samsung S7 now, it has near instant focus, but still has pro options for taking all settings off auto and set manually. When ever I get WiFi they automatically float up to the cloud (Amazon photo app). Later when we rest and watch some TV at home though an Amazon fire stick the screen saver is set to use the most recent pictures from our Amazon photo account. Videos do the same and are in HD quality the picture look amazing on a 55" LED TV. I like this set up because I always have my phone with me and take more chance pictures than I ever did with a DSLR. We both upload to the same account so can see each others pictures straight away, quality is more than adequate on a big TV, best of all they are all backed up. I have lost so many photos through hard drive failures previously. We would both like to thank everybody that has contributed to this thread, thank you for your kind words.
  5. Over the xmas break we started looking to book, it was much cheaper early January then the later towards the end of February the cost of flights was increasing every week. I would say if you want to go the first week in January is idea. We went on the 17th and the sun rising at 10.30 and setting at 3pm it barley cleared the horizon so it looked like sunrise sunset colours all day. I am so used to looking at Polaris and seeing it at about 35 degrees seeing it right overhead, makes you realise how far North you are. If we get a chance we will go again so many things we would have liked to do. You need a week minimum and its tiring even for a fit person as your up most of the night looking at Aurora then physical activities in the day. With so many layers of clothes, and the resort provides proper polar wear suits inc gloves and boots its hard to move with that lot on. We were told Santa was having a Caribbean holiday as he had worked so hard at Xmas, so I didnt get to see him even though I have been a good boy.
  6. Torassieppi Reindeer Farm, Kitilla. The list of activities available was amazing. Ice hole fishing, reindeer trekking, husky sledging, sauna plunging, night trekking, the list was endless. Food was lovely wildboar and reindeer on the menu from their own farm. They went out of their way to make sure Liz could get about in her wheelchair, and Monarch Airline could not have done anymore for us.
  7. We were only there for 4 days and saw the Aurora the second and third night. First time it was very strong and bright, the camera settings need some tinkering to get right, but you dont want to take your gloves off for too long. Minus 20 Celsius and the wind. I was going to do the sauna thing where you run out naked and jump in the lake though an ice hole. When they started cutting the hole through 1 metre of ice with a large Sthil chainsaw, I just when for tea instead.
  8. Just printed out the first of the moon pictures above, on glossy photo paper in best quality hard to believe looking at it that a phone with its tiny lens can give so much quality the black around the moon is stunning.
  9. Most of the pictures used a 10 second exposure, not having a tripod I patted some snow about to make a firm camera stand at ground level. White balance to incandescent and a 5 second shutter delay to allow time to sit the phone down. Did the whole tourist thing with a husky driven sledge too, Liz wrapped in reindeer skins and me at the back on the anchor. Thank you for the kind comments.
  10. As I have mentioned my wife is not too well and one of her bucket list wishes was to see the Aurora Borealis . When I released some of my pension funds for the new scope I took enough so I could take her to Finish Lapland. 2 weeks ago we flew out of London Gatwick for our adventure. It was beautiful. The night sky was so amazingly black, with stars right down to the horizon. My wife is pretty cool with astro stuff and easily picked out Orion and said what is the green smudge pointing to The Orion Nebula. When we get a clear dark night I will be helping her see this though the scope, better be quick or it will in December, Orion is creeping towards the west pretty quick. Sharing a few images with you all taken with a Galaxy S7 no processing.
  11. No post processing with these images! so I cant wait now until I get another viewing session to try out the Zwo camera, Then try my hand at taking subs and stacking and some post processing, its raining again though!
  12. After 2 weeks of rain, I finally got to try star sense, and the replaced items. Star sense works its magic while I go inside for a tea. Come back out to the scope select GoTo "moon" and she slews round perfectly, and again with Venus was in view with the 36mm EP. Starsense then calibrated and a new auto align. Accurate enough without putting ref points in as I was keen to do some viewing. Already learning that I need stronger ND filter as the moon was blindingly bright, in fact put your hand above the EP about 6" away and the projection onto your hand is like a torch light. Also managed to try the WiFi using my phone, that functions very well. I had read do not use the hand controller and the App together use one or the other, I had no problems and could easily use either. This will allow me to set up outside get the camera working then come in and control over WiFi. I might buy an Amazon Fire Tablet to use solely with the scope, anybody with experience of that combination love to hear your views Put the illuminated reticule in and centered on a carter, 5 mins later and it was still centered in the cross hairs so the mount is tracking lovely. clouds started building so I snapped a few pictures with a Samsung Galaxy hand held over the 36mm Hyperion EP. Second picture is using the 10mm Hyperion. Moon was nearly straight above me and seeing was pretty good. Not long after this I packed up as the sea mist started to roll in.
  13. A quick google. Birdforum.net advises not to use them. And google say permanently closed. There is a repairer in Sussex, google search "binocular repairers"
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