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  1. Well, just like to say thank you to everyone for your help, tips and advice - you've all been brilliant. Ended up going for the Skywatcher Equinox 80mm APO PRO. Very excited - just need a 2" diagonal, 2" eyepiece, field flattener, tube rings and bar for piggybacking and so on πŸ˜‚. List is endless but at least I got the scope πŸ‘. Thanks again everyone Tony
  2. Is this what is known as pinched optics? I have never owned a refractor and been looking into getting one - I've come across the term 'pinched optics' and wondered exactly what this meant? Tony
  3. It's true - he was so excited he forgot my name - only lived next door to each other for nearly 10 years so it's understandable πŸ˜‚. I was staring at trend lines on PHD so wasn't looking up 😩
  4. Yeah it looks great - it's now however, between the equinox 80 or an Altair astro ed70mm triplet... Funny how bargains start appearing when you really get exploring on the ol' interweb.
  5. Damn - just been reading up on the equinox and FLO raved about it. I need my birthday to be now. Bryan if you are reading this you need to go nudge my wife in the right direction πŸ˜‚. Tony
  6. Hi Paz, Lost stolen damaged isn't at the top of my worry list - the biggest thing I worry about is buyers remorse - hence the questions. It looks like it's now between an TS ed70 or a Skywatcher 80APO Tony
  7. My budget could stretch to this - I've decided I do need to spend more and have been reading about the TS INED-70 all day which is more expensive than this bargain. Out of the two - which is better? The equinox 80 for the bigger aperture? Tony
  8. Hi Geoff, Thanks for your reply, I see your point now - makes sense when I am already halfway there with the guide camera. I have a lot to think about now as I'm also tempted to add some cash to my birthday present and get the TS INED-70 as suggested earlier. Decisions decisions Tony
  9. I may just have to add to her budget and get the ED πŸ˜‰
  10. Hi vlaiv, Very Informative, thanks. I have just been reading up on the ED Doublet and it looks great - it's lightweight; good for visual; good for guiding and occasional AP - this may be the one - I'll keep you posted πŸ‘ Tony
  11. Hi Geoff, As much as I would love an ED, it's not my money and so I need to keep within budget. I have looked so many times at the ST80 and it was going to be my choice - however seen as I already have the starshoot camera and just need the OTA, I thought bigger might be better?! Tony
  12. Maybe in the future but for now while on holiday I wouldn't have any form of tracking/guiding so it would just be visual or planetary imaging. However - when it's mounted on my main scope at home I suppose it would be nice to be able to image through it if I felt so inclined T
  13. Also open to other suggestions - doesn't have to be Skywatcher... Tony
  14. Hi everyone, just after some help... Currently using a SW150p on a neq6 mount guided by a Orion SSAG with a 50mm mini guide scope. I'm looking at getting a new guide scope that I can also remove from the setup to take on holiday as a travel scope. Now I know I am wanting the best of both worlds and budget is only about Β£250. So my question is this - keeping in mind it's main use will be guiding with occasional use for visual on holiday - do I get: Orion or Skywatcher ST80 Skywatcher 102t OTA Skywatcher 120t OTA Many thanks for your advice and input. I need to make a decision as my wife is buying it for me for my 40th. Tony
  15. Haha, yeah going from a 150p Newt to Big Blue was a bit of an eye opener - literally. I'm not too jealous though - I've had 6 months to come to terms with the fact that Bryan's is bigger (the telescope)! πŸ˜‚