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  1. Hi Dave, I'll dig the 2" eyepieces out tomorrow. I haven't looked at them since they were put away and I'm not 100% sure where they are even. I'll get back to you on it!
  2. He did ask privately for a price for the lot in all fairness. I haven't got back to him yet. I quite reluctant to sell the mount if I'm honest.
  3. Hi, there is no damage. But as the 200p tube has been modified slightly to fit the telrad, as in drill the mounting holes. I'd rather sell complete. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, due to lack of use, I am selling my 200p OTA as it currently gathers more dust than light. It's fitted with a telrad finder which is included in the sale. I may consider selling up altogether due to lack of time, and to fund other hobbies. Looking for £150. I may consider selling my: * skywatcher eq6pro synscan mount, will come with handset and tripod and wifi adaptor. Used at most two or three times! *Various celestron x-cel eyepieces (full set) with revelation astro 2.5x Barlow and filter set. *skywatcher ST 102mm *various books including turn l
  5. --Here I have a few bits for sale as I have decided to stick with my 1.25" gear. Celestron 2" e-lux 40mm eyepiece - £15 posted Celestron 2" e-lux 32mm eyepiece - £15 posted Celestron 2" e-lux 26mm eyepiece - £15 posted Celestron 2" filter set, comprises of #80a blue, #21 orange, #12 yellow, #58a green and #25 red - £35 for the set. Meade 2"star diagonal - £10 posted £75 takes the lot.
  6. Where are you located? EDIT: Sorry should have looked closer.
  7. This is basically the skeleton of the pier, about half to a third of it will be buried in concrete and the rest cast in concrete within a 6 inch plastic tube. I have updated the design slightly due to some minor errors and also added jig to keep the thread bar in line with the pier adaptor. These have been uploaded to thingiverse.
  8. Took about 13 hours to print and kept me awake all night with the printer humming away but this is the result. It took two attempts as the printer skipped a few steps half way through the first attempt which wasted about 4hrs of print time but we got there.
  9. Hello guys, due to frustration of finding time to do my hobby because of work commitments I thought I would do something to reduce my future setup time. So a pier was the answer. I considered buying a commercial adaptor but couldn't justify the cost. So I set out to design a 3d printed pier adaptor and build a concrete pier. I currently have the adaptor on the 3d printer as I am writing this so the project has only just started. In a future development of the adaptor I plan to print the adaptor in pla and cast it to aluminium, but for now I am printing in PETG. For the
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