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  1. Jamie16v

    Astro-eq diy goto

    Very nice! I put most of my board together yesterday and I have ordered the pulleys. According to the link above I have found that it requires 16t gt2 pulleys and 40t pulleys with 130mm belts for both axis which I now have on order.
  2. Hello guys, last night I thought I would kill some time and collimate my laser collimator. After getting it collimated I thought I would collimate the telescope. When I put the laser in the focuser and tightened the retaining bolts I noticed a slop when moving the focuser in and out. This throws the laser off the centre dot by about 10mm or so. Is there a way to tighten this up? It looks like the cheaper of the focusers with black plastic wheels. Not the chrome prettier ones lol. I don't fancy upgrading the focuser to a DS variation just yet as Christmas is just around the corner. Any suggestions please? T.I.A
  3. Jamie16v

    3D printing for accessories? Or other materials?

    i printed stepper motor brackets for a diy astro-eq goto system. i haven`t yet installed them but im sure they`ll hold up just fine. i printed in petg with 100% infill. bearing in mind i built my D-bot 3d printer with the exact same materials and it works well.
  4. Jamie16v

    Which upgrade barlow?

    I ended up buying the revelation astro 2.5x barlow after reading good reviews about it. Within my price range and should easily beat my skywatcher basic barlow.
  5. Jamie16v

    Which upgrade barlow?

    Explorer I believe. 1000mm.
  6. Jamie16v

    Which upgrade barlow?

    Thanks for the replies, it's a sw-200p by the way. So may different answers to choose from .
  7. Hi guys, I'm slowly upgrading my collection of eyepiece and have gone with a celestron x-cel lx 7mm and 25mm so far. I would like to keep with the theme but if I would benefit with other brands within the same price range then I don't mind mixing them up. I am after a 2x barlow but I'm unsure if I may want to go down the AP path a x-cel would be the best choice to go with. Is there anything you guys can suggest? Thanks, Jamie.
  8. Jamie16v

    D-Bot 3D Printer

    I too have built the d-bot. Since changing the z axis to linear rail and linking the motors with a belt I have no need for auto bed levelling. It has to be the best mod I've done to the printer.
  9. Go on then, I'll take the laser one off you.
  10. Jamie16v

    Future upgrades

    Thank you for your reply. I have ordered a v4.5 pcb from ebay and the pre programmed ic's from astro. I am about to purchase the components from farnells and get some stepper from ebay. I have also already 3d printed some nema 17 brackets. As you can see, like you, I like the hard way too lol.
  11. Jamie16v

    Astro-eq diy goto

    Thanks for your reply! How are you getting on with the project and do you find it practical? I have already ordered the electronics. I just need to order the motors and gearing now. I'm looking forward to getting this working .
  12. I am in the process of building a goto system based around the astro eq and 3d printed stepper motor brackets.The brackets I am printing are these: Support Nema 17 sur EQ5 found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1833860 . Has anybody here used this system? If you've used these brackets, what gearing did you use? I am assuming gt2 belt and pulleys but the link is unclear on what size. Also was wondering if astro eq is usable as a standalone system, as in could I use it without dragging a laptop about? Probably a bit late to start asking these questions as I have already started ordering parts . T.I.A. Jamie.
  13. Jamie16v

    Future upgrades

    I hope so, can't wait for a clear night so I can have a go. I need to get out of the habit of reaching for my little celestron Cometron too. It's just so handy lol
  14. Jamie16v

    Future upgrades

    Thank you, I may message him tomorrow when I'm less tired lol
  15. Jamie16v

    Future upgrades

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but I have finally bought a 200p on an eq5. I have not used it yet as the sky's have been miserable and I've been too tired around work. I have given my 130m to my friend which he seemed "over the moon" with. I would like to look into a diy goto system with stepper motors. I have the necessary skills and equipment to put one together, kinda. I built my 3d printer from an open source so that's kind of more complex than a goto system. Anybody know of any good arduino based projects I could copy? I have found 3d printable stepper motor brackets for the eq5 mount on thingiverse so there's a start.

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