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  1. I have just read this post and understood USB and WiFi. The rest appears to be in your avatars native tongue?
  2. Why weren't you selling the OTA in August when Iw as looking eh?
  3. Had a wander last night and managed to get some firsts for me. All single frames from Sony a6300 ISO 3200 prime focus on my C6 and HEQ5- First comet ASASSN. 21:59:18 BST 30sec First Dumbell Nebula 21:30:55 BST 25sec (Light pollution starting to add a red caste I believe) First Cigar Galaxy 21:41:12 BST 25 sec (lower in the sky and not too far away from a street lamp so more red caste from light pollution I think) Overall I am quite pleased. No tail visible on ASASSN and the structure of The Dumbell is barely hinted at. If it wasn't for the LP, I would say my Cigar is my favourite of the session. Hinted at detail. I just need to learn what you guys are on about when you speak of 'stretching' etc.
  4. Not my area of expertise I'm afraid but, as a lapsed school "janitor" [removed word] maintenance bod, I am envious of your planned facility!
  5. My society runs an annual imaging competition. Previous years submission methods have included data stick and e mail. E mailing some images can create issues due to size. Contrary to some folks opinion, size does matter as winning images are printed on a mug and an 8X10 print for the winner. I'm trying to think of an alternative method which will allow: a) large image sizes to be submitted b) the judge to access the images from home c) allow anonymising of the entrant to ensure non bias d) only allow the judge/ admin team to access the submitted images once the submission has finalised Any ideas? P.S. Nil cost preferred as we aren't a cash rich society. Thanks
  6. Looks like an adaptor to screw onto a DSLR lens adaptor. I have one for my Sony a6300 so I can mount the camera prime ficus to my scope. This screws into the end of it so that it fit into the focuser in plaxe of an eyepiece.
  7. Not playing tonight. A late night (2:30 a.m) due to ambulance activity for my Dad, followed by needing to be up at 7:00 to stab the cat (insulin) means I are knackered. Supper time for cat then bed I think. Gina- what is the software that you screenshot with weather, moon state, ISS state etc please?
  8. I must be wierd as I was a bit underwhelemed...
  9. If I'm playing anything tonight, it will probably be water polo...
  10. Watche Mission Control today. Very good. Nice to put some faces to legendary Steeley Eyed Missile Men.
  11. Finally had the lack of cloud and the time that I have been waiting for to get the Celestron C6 on the moon and image. Transparency was great but, on adding the X2 Barlow to the train, seeing was very poor. hey ho, at least I get an idea of the setups capabilities. Celestron C6, Sony a6300 (image one just camera. Image two plus X2 Barlow). AZ4 mount. Image 0ne, ISO1600, 1/250sec Image two ISO4000, 1/100sec
  12. Nice work Charl. My view of the moon was a bit sketchy last night so I gave it a miss. Pity really as the seeing looks to have been better than the previous night when I did a bit.
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