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  1. Hi Guys I have a CPC 1100. While seeking alignment stars the scope jumps while slewing downwards in Dec and will not go further. This occurs at approximately 45 degrees. Am i being daft or do I have some serious gear issues? regards Dalglish
  2. Guys Can anybody comment on the accuracy of the polar allign feature on the CGEM? This really attracts me given that this would be a portable set up but I don't know whether i'm paying the extra for a gimmick I may regret. General comments on the mount (as opposed to the old favourite) welcome also. .........and there's the i-optron.! Dalglish
  3. Guys I have an old 10 inch LX50 but would like to add some GOTO as my observing nights are getting shorter. Would you defork and place on an EQ6 or just stuff the project and buy a Meade/Celestron/SkyW cat with GOTO. Money is important as always but I would prefer to get it right. After all, I can pick up a second hand LX90 GPS for about £700 more than the EQ6. Dalglish
  4. Thanks Steve, it is receiving some very, very serious thought.
  5. I have a few blades of grass which I am prepared to sell as birthday presents.
  6. I thought so, nice work indeed.
  7. Thanks Olly for the Hubble explanation. It's Richard, by the way, novice astrophotography 'toe dipper' and father of twins. Dalglish (nom de plume)
  8. Good point, maybe I don't want access at all. I could then repair the patio for the price of the intended SCT. Dalglish
  9. Thanks gents. That saves a bit of cash. Dalglish
  10. Hi Ron You are correct, I have decided to wait for a star party and Kelling seems a great idea (and the right date). It's a nice frustration however. Dalglish
  11. How do you achieve the montage? Is it on Astro software or something simpler? I'd love to try it out myself.
  12. Wow, a VC10, i'd expect the ubiquitous 737/747/757/767/777. Good spot.
  13. Hi All I am suffering a major knowledge/experience gap and cannot seem to look through enough scopes, quickly enough to get a proper comparison. I have made the jump from 3 inch frac to 5 inch mak and 10 inch SCT. I am now wetted for the dob experience. Basically, are Hilux coatings on a 12 worth the aperture of a 14 or 16? Do i go OO 350 or Intelliscope XX14 or LB...........or do I sell a few bikes and go to Dave Lukehurst for a 16 with 1/4 or 1/10 wave. If I have to think about this much longer, I may just give up and get another SCT for safety. Dalglish
  14. Hi Was that the original Starsplitter woodwork or did you completely rebuild? That is the work of a lifetime. Dalglish
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