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  1. thanks mark I'm looking forward to some clear Skys to give this target some more time.. I believe the Samyang 135mm f2 is the best thing I have ever bought for astro
  2. This is my first image for many years, 20 mins with Samyang 135 @ f2.8 120 sec subs no calibration frames taken with a old canon 7D riding on ioptron 25p
  3. Charic I thought it would be something to do whilst waiting for clear sky's to return but i think i got the bug for more time lapses, been looking on you tube and fancy doing day to night transitions....... Did this today from my back garden Regards Graham nice sky_h264-420_1080p_24_HQ.mp4
  4. So i thought i would try some time lapse with my Olympus em 10 Mk 2. 8 second shutter with 10 second delay on static tripod. Regards Graham miklyway__widefield_h264-420_1080p_29.97_HQ.mp4
  5. Thank you.. cant wait to have another go at these areas
  6. The Olympus has a built in intervalometer and indeed can be controlled by wifi from your phone or tablet regards graham
  7. Dannybegoode I particularly like the 14 x zoom on screen at the touch of a button ( configurable from 2x through to 14 x) for focusing and the time lapse feature, just set your desired time i.e. 60 seconds and how many subs 1-999 connect to phone app and press start these can be saved as single subs or made in to time lapse in camera . Oh and tiltable screen. live composite mode ( very interesting for tracked Milky Way shots) small size about a million different lenses. Os takes some getting used to if used to canon but like most things needs practice like I say I'm still experimenting with mine but looking promising as only interested in wide fields. i have just brought a 25 mm 1.7 prime by Panasonic so need a clear night to try out its got good reviews as Astro lens. oh any micro 4/3 lenses are compatible... regards graham
  8. Dave im still trying to get to grips with lightroom as i usually use pixinsight for my asi 1600 osc . What id like to do is take 12-15 subs and fiddle and sync in lightroom for export to pixinsight for further processing. What i like in lightroom that it recognises you camera and lense and apply corrections. Whats acr ??? Png it will be next time Regards Graham
  9. Thought i would post these from the summer. Single 60sec @ 24mm F4 Canon 6D , 24_105 usml on Skywatcher star adventurer. Fiddled in lightroom and saved as jpeg Not to shabby for single 60s sub. Regards Graham
  10. Thanks olly im likeing the simplicity of wide field. wish we all had sky s like yours regards graham
  11. Thanks guys im lucky enough to live in Torbay and my back garden is very dark especially after 12 o'clock as council turn off all street lamps ? I work on the roads mostly at nighttime mainly the A30/A38 from Exeter to cornwall so am putting together a lightweight rig to keep in the back of my car..!!! It gets almost black on the moors and when clear the milky way just jumps out. regards graham
  12. i must admit that I prefer doing wide fields to deep sky imaging, more focal lengths to choose from for different fields of view plus you can use your lenses for day time photography also. and I find it more satisfying , I'm lucky to live and work in Devon so I'm never far from dark sky's so basically I'm taking a step backwards regards graham
  13. Second the Olympus 10 d mk 2 got some very useful features for Astro I'm experimenting with mine. I also have the canon 6 d but keep going back to the little Olympus. regards graham
  14. Could you not maybe increase to 10 sec exposure s and get yourself out to the moors it was totally black at ashburton last night.....trouble was I was working and didn't have me camera with me... Typical..!!! regards graham not to far away
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