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  1. That picture is an absolute beauty! Incredible capture!
  2. Thanks a lot. I've only ever seen like two before this one too. Those were while out observing during peak meteor showers. Hehe, that would be a very big area to search, as there is a forest out that way, and even a military-only area not accessible to the public I guess some smart people could calculate the area where it would most like fall though. But I did hear about other people in Denmark, who had found meteorites after a big fireball a few years back, banking a few hundred thousand pounds, so I guess I should just go for some casual walks either way
  3. Thanks guys! Good to know. Quantity seems to work miracles at times, I just need to figure out how I best improve my mounts tracking too. Not sure if Sky-align, two star align or solar system align is the best. And I suspect that I need to add a small amount of weight at the back of the telescope, for when shooting at objects low in the sky, as the camera weight might pull the telescope down a bit? I will definitely want to move more into the realm of longer exposures, hence why I am saving up for either a HEQ5 or maybe EQ6? The barlow lens I use now, advertised that if you only used
  4. Here is the result of one of my only semi-successful sessions with imaging. I am currently using a Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT, and decided to try some imaging with it, until I can afford a equatorial mount. The 130 SLT is infamous for not wanting to do prime focus, so I used the lens from a Baader 2.15x barlow, and screwed it onto the prime focus adapter I have. This seems to work decently, making it able to focus, and it seems to reduce the 2.15x so it doesn't need AS long subs. It is a stack of only two 30 second exposures 6400 iso (the rest of the attempted exposures had horrible tracking)
  5. From the album: The-MathMog's Images

    One of my only semi-successful sessions with imaging. This whole thing is still very new to me, and the learning curve seems very steep, which makes it interesting and rewarding though. Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT Baader Barlow (Only the lens was used, which was screwed onto the prime focus adapter. Nikon d5200 2x 30 second subs (not sure how I pulled those off) 6400 iso 1x 8 second sub
  6. Maybe I'm underestimating my spot then. There is quite a few streetlamp close by, and even a few in my view, which hinders my night-vision from probably ever establishing. I think you would need to use both maps to accurately rate it. I don't think the map you posted, considers general light pollution scattered from say bigger cities etc, as you would need to get quite far away to make that less of a factor. But agree, that yours is probably very good to find good local observing spots! Ahh right! Forgot that part, and most of the lights in my country are indeed LED. The only possibl
  7. I am just curious as to how dark your dark sites are that you go to, when not observing/imaging from the backyard? Of course less light pollution is always better, but what do you personally consider a minimum for good observations? Using the attached map as a reference, I live in a yellow area, and can manage to get to a "faint yellow" fairly easily, and green if I push it a bit (the life without a car). Anything less than "dark blue" is almost impossible without leaving the country haha. I of course already know my limitations, and what places I plan to go to, but it would still be nice
  8. Thank you very much! Out of both curiosity on what part of the sky I had actually pictured and as a practice routine, I tried mapping out the stars it passed by. Constellations was quite hard to see because of how "equal" in brightness many of the stars had become under the "longer" exposure.
  9. Indeed! It definitely is one of my favorite experiences when that happens. It happens so fast, but is just jaw-dropping! Might very well be. I also found that nickel would show as green? Hard to say when it is all from memory and that it consists of more than just one compound, but interesting nonetheless!
  10. Yeah that would really have been the sprinkling on the cake! I've seen a few brighter meteors before, but this is the first one I've seen with actual fragmentation like that! It really was! It is definitely among the 3-4 brightest meteors I've seen personally, and then actually catching most of it on the camera too, without even purposely trying to capture meteors haha...!
  11. I was out taking some shots last night, testing some different exposure times contra iso settings, just shooting at random parts of the sky. I set the camera for a 6400 ISO, 15 second exposure, and about halfway through the shot, a meteor (fireball) falls through the sky almost straight above me, covering about 50% the distance of the sky lasting around 2 seconds I think. It even showed fragments falling off of it and burning separately. Not quite big enough to be considered a bolide but still many times brighter than your usual shooting stars! Even seeing that with my eyes was astonishing,
  12. From the album: The-MathMog's Images

    A fireball that fell through the sky while I was testing some DSLR settings on random parts of the night sky!
  13. That was my first thought too to buy separately, but because of the seemingly limited marked and prices, this set seemed like a better option I'll take a look and see if I can find those eyepieces somewhere too. " This item does not ship to Denmark " :/ FLO as in "First Light Optics"? Cool, I'll check those sites for more options too!
  14. Nope it is not that one This one: http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/astronomy/visual-accessories/eyepieces/observers-accessory-kit
  15. Thanks a lot for the inputs guys! I'll probably be buying that set no matter what as it is a great deal for me. 121$ for the whole set. I do want a barlow, a more powerful lens and moon filter, and those by themselves would cost me around 100$. So getting an extra eyepiece, a microfiber cloth, a case and two filters for 20$ doesn't seem bad to me. But you might be right in that it will be limited how much I'll use the filters, and I didn't even think of the eye-relief aspect. I'll give it some more thought until I decide. I am also quite limited to what I can actually buy here as I live in D
  16. Hey, I bought my first telescope about 3 months ago, and I am really enjoying both observing and taking simple photos through it. It is a Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT. I will be buying a eyepiece set soon that includes a 6mm and 17mm Plössl eyepieces, a 2x Barlow, a #80a blue, #25 red and a moon filter. I am also looking at buying a low power eyepiece like a 32mm omni plössl. I was just wondering though, would that last buy be worth it, compared to what I get from the 25mm eyepiece I got with my telescope? The magnification is not that much lower, but is the higher quality of the eyepiece worth t
  17. Thanks Peter. I did remember hearing about this, but for some reason thought it was something else, as it was also quite evident when having it off of the mount as in the video. Need to experiment with those settings in the coming nights!
  18. I just acquired my first telescope a few months ago. And it is doing wonders for me. One issue I have with it though, is that the slewing motor has to run for a short bit, before it actually grips and moves the telescope. So if I've moved it in one direction, it has to run for a bit to be able to move in the other direction. On high slew speeds, this is not an issue at all, as it will just grip after like 1/4 of a second. But when trying to center a star in say my 9mm eyepiece, it becomes more of a problem, as it takes a long time for it to move on the low speed settings. Is this something t
  19. Ahh alright, very good to know guys.. I just expected that method to work all around, since I did also get decent results from taking pictures of the moon, venus, jupiter etc..! I have played a bit with the thought of running it prime. A problem there is, that the 1.25 inch adapter/focuser is not a low profile one, so from what I've heard, the camera is going to have a hard time getting close enough to the secondary mirror to get in focus, without either moving the primary mirror, or removing some pretty necessary parts. Yeah, the position of the eyepiece is adjustable, so I
  20. For these I am using a camera adapter that takes eyepieces, so I am viewing it through a 25 mm ocular that came with the scope. One of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01E6QDL18/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  21. I'll try either the band or kinda the Marmite one. Only issue there, is that there is not very much space, because of where the focuser is on the scope, and the grooves on it, as very small and tightly packed together, so getting it to grip properly might be interesting. But I'll give it a go! Thanks! Nope, I do not wear spectacles haha One problem I came across, was that with the oculars and camera I was using, the stars were too dim to see in the live-display on the camera, so I had to take a longer exposure picture between each adjustment of the focus, and then examine the
  22. Well if it indeed is only the focus, then I am glad I do have noticed that you need to be veeery light on the touch with this focuser, which has been troublesome so far, also the reason why I even made that bahtinov mask. I'll be testing it a bit more tonight then, as the skies seem to be clear again. Those dual speed focusers does really look like a great accessory, but I think I will wait a bit, as they are a bit pricey compared to what I might get out of it at this point ! Thanks for the insight! For good measure, I will try pointing it at the northstar, and try out a "no-tool" colli
  23. Hey guys. I acquired my first telescope a bit over a month ago, as I've been wanted to own one for a long time now. I've always had a passion for astronomy. So I bought a Celestron Nexstar 130 Slt, which for me seems like a great start, without spending a ton of money. Observing has been great so far at least (a bit of trouble with aligning it, but that is more out of inexperience it seems so far). I quickly found out that I wanted to try taking some simple photos through it, and got an adapter for an DSLR, which I've been testing out a few nights (still knowing that my mount isn't the most
  24. Beautiful image man! I've got still scope too, and want to get into a bit of simple astrophotography (knowing that an az/alt mount isn't optimal). If I run into the same problem as you, what were the configurations that you made to the mirror?
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