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  1. Tich, I am at the moment redoing the roof, realised a fault in it, other than that all is good. Cleaned the place up but have not powered up, plenty of time for that. Had a conservatory built, redone the garden and had a stroke, not in that order but all is well. Taking my time with the observatory, little here and little there, hope to have it running before the years end. Jim
  2. Better than my chicken shack
  3. Hello all, long time no see, almost nine months, a lot has happened in the time and not all good. I left the observatory as is and just forgot about it, walked away and decided to concentrate on upgrading the garden, getting a conservatory built and having a stroke, all in all a busy time for me. Today I decided to open the observatory, fighting my way through cobwebs and anything else that decided to make a home, opened and closed the roof and took a general look around, all looks well, electrics have been working away all this time but not on the pier. Okay, a cleanup and see what I have to do to get hardware and software working together in the next few days, hopefully not too many problems for me, will come back soonest to let you know JimT
  4. Update on the CGE Pro, took the clutches off the axis NOT working and found nothing wrong when I took the cover off, dry, so booted up and ran and it, a click and slowly it started to turn the cogs and eventually ran smoothly, placed the cover back on and all is well. So it appears that my mount is in one piece, just the 11" RASA to look at, I did have the power going into it before I realised it was waterlogged so may have burnt out the fan and cooling system, am sure that can be replaced so not too much expense there. Whilst the sun is out I best get on with the roof and sort that out before I do anything else
  5. Just an update to all you good people, still have a chest infection but decided with the sun out and dressed well I ventured out to the observatory, a bit of WD40 helped on the locks and got in. I plugged the normal handset in and powered up the CGE Pro, all went well, just a case of inputting the time/date to get to the nuts and bolts of moving the mount. A bit sluggish at first but then it moved but only in one axis so was able to turn the telescope upside down and this is now draining, looking in there is not a blemish on the main mirror, I may have lost the fan at the bottom, a wait and see. Shutting down I changed over to the StarSense handset and powered again and although it did not want to go past Align I can see it's working okay so all in all a good sign, powered down and left the telescope in a position to drain out. The next job is to clean up the mess and put everything back in position and get the roof back to it original state with a new modification which should see it withstand winds not just rain. I would like to thank everyone for their moral boosting posts and say it's wonderful being part of such a great group of people, thank you again and will tel you know the end results on the CGE Pro and the RASA electronics, thank you Jim
  6. Dead stop at the moment, I have been flat out on either on a bed or sofa, got hit with a heavy cold which knocked the stuffing out of me and to be honest the observatory is the last thing on my mind as I cannot get out to it. Have a deliver of material on Wed to mend the roof, no way that will be done for a week at least, on the plus side there has been no rain, wind whistling through the vent will have a beneficial effect on the interior. Jim
  7. Ha ha, thanks Stargazer, for this lot I will need shipment of at least 20 sacks lol, thanks. Cold is still hanging in there, persistent [removed word]. Jim
  8. I have to say I am overwhelmed by the amount of information I have been given as to how to sort this mess out and it has lifted me somewhat. I have been hit with a heavy cold at the moment and confined to the house for the moment, of the equipment I have in the house there is just the one PC that I will continue to work on. The observatory roof is stable, I have a delivery of material coming so as soon as the cold is over and weather allows I will redo the roof to a better standard. Now the 11" RASA, one may wonder why I had not got the cap on the top, simple reason is I would have had to take the camera and filter equipment off each time I used it, to allay this I purchased a shower cap and cut a hole in the centre so that I just remove the cables and slide the cap over the camera and keep the glass dust free, simple effective but also a disaster if there is no roof, the rain got on it and the cap became a well thus allowing the water to enter the RASA. I am sure the RASA will come out of this okay, just need to take my time and be careful. The CGE Pro, this is a beast and is going to be a problem, I don't have the ability to take the RASA off it nor dismantle it, putting it all together last January resulted in both my wife and myself getting badly hurt so it will be a case of taking it easy, I am not sure if any water entered the bottom electrical base. I have looked on the net for a lesson in taking the mount casings apart but nothing as yet, will be grateful if anyone know a link to do a strip maintenance. Cables will obviously be first off, a clean and blow dry, then freeing the clutches so rotating the mount to get at all the casing. I have decided not to put a humidifier in for the moment as there are so many holes in the observatory it would be a waste, I intend to buy a cover for the mount and place a heater close by to get some hot air up and around the mount. That is it for now, I apologise if I have not replied to some people who gave me some valuable information, I felt I would be just repeating myself all the time but thank you all again, it has been heartening, I will leave this for now and come back when I have done the RASA and then the mount, it going to be a long haul :), take care all and clear skies. Jim
  9. Thanks Jkulin, am not too worried about the PC, all secondhand and just used for one program so no worries there. n Taking my time with the astro gear, took the mount handsets apart today and have them a good dry and clean. Afraid the mount will be the main problem, will be taking that apart over the next few days. Jim
  10. I have a feeling not to be honest, I think I will have problems with the mount, will know soon enough Jim
  11. Thanks Tich, have been working on it today, the dry wind has helped, one PC down, have the electrics back on and security working. Stripped off the ED80 and cleaned that up but leaving the RASA till later, want to make sure all the water is out of it and no dampness. Will wait a while before powering up, will go over the mount slowly, the hand controller took a hammering. Moving all the kit boxes out and store them in the house, have already ordered new material from Wicks, that will get the roof sorted. Jim
  12. Well the first part cleaned up, two computers ok, one down, security system working. Took the guide scope off the RASA and have emptied it and gave it a good dry and clean, now in the house getting it in better shape. Strong winds today, dry and helping, emptied a number of boxes full of water, still a way to go Jim
  13. Well tomorrow I will start to look at the observatory and start a rescue plan, fir I have to ensure the electrical distribution box is dry and then all the sockets are the same. Any containers which has water in them will be moved out and then I will get on with drying surfaces, once that is okay I will turn the electrics on and will dry out the equipment on one side of the box, once done I will move to the next side until all sides are done and then move to the centre island and the pier, mount and telescopes. It will be a slog and take a couple of weeks, I hope, but am prepared for it. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, the black mist has gone and I am a lot calmer now, your a great bunch Jim
  14. Thank you all for your input, the last few hours I have spent with Tich a fellow member of SGL who is over here for a couple of days. We ventured into the observatory, my first since I walked away from it, the equipment is still waterlogged but stable as the roof is holding, I earlier ventured up on the roof and placed a number of bricks at strategic places so no movement. Tich has given me a lift in morale and I thank him for that, I have a plan for the next week with plenty of room in the house to move items to, strip and clean as necessary. I will keep you all informed as time goes by, I believe I can see a light at the end of this dark tunnel, again thank you all Jim
  15. Geof, thank you so much for that offer, very nice but I can get one local, would not like you on the roads today, especially New Years Eve, Suffolk's roads are not my favourite cup of tea :). One way or another this will be sorted, I will keep all informed on my steps, again thank you for the offer. Jim
  16. Thank you Alan, I am not there yet, I had a good nights sleep and I will endeavour to do a rescue, I have not been back out since yesterdays roof repair, still raining here and if I go out in that I know I will just walk away from it all so I will wait till it stops and take stock, try a clean up of the small stuff. The RASA and mount I will wait out on, dry them off and attempt a startup, turn RASA down and empty it, afraid it is the only way as too heavy for me. A rescue plan is in place but will depend on the damage, so a waiting game, thanks again. Jim
  17. Well I was almost crying myself but tried not to show the wife how upset I was, the way I see it Ian I have to take it on the chin and get on with life. The lads have been very supportive and to be honest since I came on and told what had happened I have been turning towards getting sorted, have never been a quitter and have been in worse scrapes in my life. I put a lot into this crazy hobby, not just the money which I have no problem with, but the time I do and it's that which I want to recover, thanks again and yes we all get soppy in old age Jim
  18. Thank you Ian, informative, we shall see how it goes
  19. Thank you all for your kind words, I'm afraid I only have myself to blame for all this, the roof construction was good but flawed in one aspect and this I knew and did not remedy. It was heartbreaking to see all the damage and I just could not see a way forward. At the moment I have switched off the electricity and done some work to make the roof safe, there is water on everything and it will take some time to dry, the only thing working was the waterproof security cameras. I will take in all that you great people have said and sleep on it then I will begin to look at what can be salvaged, if the major parts are beyond repair I will look to giving the other parts away, money I have no interest in so we are looking at a wait and see game, thank you for your response. Jim
  20. Maybe Paul but I just don't have it in me to even think about that.
  21. Yes Alan, I left the 11" RASA pointing up and it is full of water as is the mount
  22. Your right, but at the moment I cannot see a way forward and I just want to walk away from it all, thanks
  23. Well, I had a great holiday in Switzerland, got home late last night to see the roof of the observatory had been ripped off in the winds and everything soaking wet, left it all till this morning to check it, no good, all the equipment destroyed so rather than chuck any money at it I have decided to dump it all and say goodbye to the hobby, it's been a good few years and enjoyed it all even though I did not come up with any spectacular photos, I did enjoy comet and asteroid chasing, so a goody bye to all and thanks :). Jim
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