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  1. Garden Observatory

    A newly built observatory with a sliding roof made of wood and corrugated clear plastic set at an angle to facilitate the runoff of rain water. Fully electrified overhead from the house with double sockets to run the whole setup. Two piers, one with a CGE Pro and the NEQ6.
  2. Show Us Your Shed In Astro-Action!

    My chicken coop, triple lined
  3. Baader RASA Filter Changer Unit & QHY813C

    Martin, please double check to make sure all the items are correct to what you want Jim
  4. Baader RASA Filter Changer Unit & QHY813C

    Martin, here is the list of items bought from FLO, I bought them one at a time to ensure I was getting the right item before the next step and so that entailed extra postage so if you order compete set it will be slightly less: #2459126 - Telescope: RASA Adapter #2459110 - Base (Filter Chamber) #2419112 - Filter Slider: 2" / M48 #2419119 - Camera: T-Adapter The total cost was £235.80 incl P&P but as said I paid P&P for each separate item, hope this help and again sorry it is a bit late. Jim
  5. Baader RASA Filter Changer Unit & QHY813C

    My apologies Martin I have just seen this, I will get that list for you in the next couple of days. Jim
  6. Corton Beach after Dark

    Thanks George, turned out to be a fright more than anything else but the ladder work stays, have to put a security camera on frontage today, not too hard a job if I take my time. Was out last night, clear skies but a bit muggy, persevered and started playing, found I could not hit a target, done a couple of alignments with the StarSense but zilch. Looking at the equipment later I realised that I had put the guider scope mount on back to front duh...., another job to do today, but still I got out for a few hours and to a degree it was enjoyable Jim
  7. Corton Beach after Dark

    You will enjoy Iceland George, had a wonderful time there a few year back, the only problem as I seen was the currency and cost but that's another story :). Yes the observatory is up and running but not me, I had been adding a security feature and I tripped and fell off the roof, caught the ladder on the way down and that crashed down on top of me, badly winded and hurt my knee, lay for a bit to check myself out and used a tree to haul myself up, no lasting damage except it's added a few years to my age :). Jim
  8. Corton Beach after Dark

    Very nice George, pity about the Yarmouth glow, I doubt if the midnight shutoff would have helped. Funnily enough today the wife mentioned a cruise to take in the Northern Light, have to think on that one :).
  9. Full Moon - early hours of the 6th of October 2017

    Nice one George, was tempted to go out the other night, a nice crisp night but too much moonlight. Jim
  10. Computer bargain !!

    I kitted my obsy out for less than £100, low spec, each PC does a different job and works well Jim
  11. I have a few of these spare and have converted them to take a camera, the bit you may not have done yet is to unscrew the front off, the lens piece and the ring. Once off turn the ring around and screw back on and then put the lens piece back on as normal, screw both in all the way, you will find that you get that extra bit down which will give you focus. It will be trail and error, turn the lens part back up and focus will be achieved, turn the ring back up to the lens piece to keep all in place, good luck. Jim
  12. Ian from Suffolk

    Hello Ian, Lowestoft here, maybe we can meet up. As for clubs, I was in one a few year back but don't know if it is still going. Jim
  13. I seem to have lost the list of who has visited my  profile, any reason, please :)


    1. bottletopburly


      me too must be an update thing 

    2. JimT


      Thanks :)


    3. xtreemchaos


      same here, im sure it will sort its self out soon. charl.

  14. Yes your right BD, lesson learnt after quite a shock, I now make sure any photos on this forum have been cleansed of any info Jim
  15. You hit the nail on the head there brown Dwarf, I posted photos of my equipment and observatory a few months back after using my phone to take the photos and someone on here downloaded the photos and sent me my address in a message, was not a happy bunny. That is all now changed and security upgraded. Jim