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  1. Unable to upload photos to album, any ideas anyone?


  2. A great night last night, clear skies, a few minutes of puff balls.  The CGE working was spot on and have started to take my first photos, nothing to write home about.  PHD2 was great, still a learning curve but once all the software and equipment comes together it can only get better :)


  3. Well solved the problem of the CGE Pro clutch bolts and their awkward handles, bought a wrench socket, 22mm, at Halfords and is perfect, sorry FLO.


  4. Great night last night, nice and clear, equipment worked well and have now got the hang of the StarSence and CGE Pro.  Took some test photographs, a tweak on the focusing will have to be done, guiding went well, have sorted out the problem of the tracking speed.   The only fly in the ointment is the clutch handles on the CGE Pro, am looking to get a spanner made to accommodate the triangular handle, other than that am now looking forward :)


  5. A reorg of the observatory, I was a bit ambitious in having two piers, have now got just the one and central.  After looking at the usage of the CGE Pro mount I have now piggybacked the EvoStar 80 instead of the StarTravel 80 giving me advantage of using the Canon 450D as well.  The reorg has given me more height on the pier but must remember to open the roof before turning the telescope upright :)


    1. JimT


      Well it had to happen, first time for opening the roof and setting up the telescope yesterday afternoon to check everything I closed the roof got so far and wondered why it was stuck only to turn around and see the telescope was in the upright position, no damage but a lesson learnt.


  6. A cloudy evening last night, I happened to look out the window and seen a nice bright moon, clear skies!!  Went out and and although there were a few puff balls I decided to open up.  Turned out to be a nice night although I am still trying to get to grips with the CGE Pro, a bit of a handful :)


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    2. JimT


      Am all ready here George, as soon a the better half hits the wooden hill I will be out, nice and clear over the Whitton :)


    3. Alan White

      Alan White

      Just come in from a quick Lunar session and wander about as well as finally bagging the ISS pass at 9.57 in the wide view of the ST80, very happy.
      Sadly wooden hill time as work early tomorrow.
      Typically a clearish night of course!
      JimT have a good observing session.


    4. JimT


      Thanks Alan, good that you got out, retired here so no problem with timekeeping except when the better half requires it  :).  Have a lot more work to do before I can master the CGE Pro, it has an 11" RASA attached with the ST80 as a guide scope, had some problems with StarSense and had to get it reflashed, should be back this week.  Hopefully with that back on I can get some decent work out of this lot  :), time for bed.


  7. There must be plenty of pickings around the observatory because at dusk the bats are in abundance. Whether the IR light in the camera draws the flying insects or they are just there, they make a meal for the bats who perform a dance in front of the camera well worth looking at instead of the television :)


  8. Woken up in the first lights of dawn this morning to the bangs and crashings of a thunderstorm which at times felt as though it was aimed at the house, it was expected but not the ferocity that it showed.  The electricity went of for a few seconds and the phones, clocks and everything that does not like being interrupted and were flashing all over the place.  The wife looking out the window said that the road was flooded, my mind was on none of this but on the newly erected and now working observatory in the garden.  I had already lost some equipment in one downpour a couple of weeks back so was apprehensive when I approached it after I had risen and had breakfast, the security light went on as I approached and this gave me hope.  On opening up I was happy to see it was dry and no water damage, my redesigned sliding roof had done it's job, a happy chappy :)


  9. 2017_0259.JPG

    Ha ha, I was running all this on a reel up to a few weeks ago when I got a sparky in and he done a full electrification from the house, has a RCD box either end and enough 2 socket boxes to satisfy the lot, cost me but happy. Now all I need to do is take photos Jim
  10. 2017_0259.JPG

    This end is the entrance, power junction box, router and Hive security box
  11. 2017_0258.JPG

    The NEQ6, this has now been removed and will be put on a pier on the patio and remoted from the observatory both solar and night work.
  12. 2017_0257.JPG

    The end wall is used for stowage of lenses cables and all equipment necessary for the running of the observatory.
  13. 2017_0256.JPG

    The brains of the observatory, three computer to share the load, just Stellarium on the first, the 2nd has the photographic software, and the 3rd is for guiding, cheapie PC but do the job.
  14. 2017_0254.JPG

    This photo shows the "front" of the observatory, this is where the roof will slide out. A double door at the side with a motion detecting light and IR camera with instant email of movement. The box at the front is for the use of electrical equipment in the garden and the flower plot has rose bushes that hopefully will cover the front in time., on the roof is spare wood.
  15. 2017_0259.JPG

    Thanks Michael, little bits of work here and there but getting there and it is operational so clouds are the order of the night Jim