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  1. Sorry Tich, have not been around for awhile so just voted. I have put 25% in as at midnight the street lights go off at midnight and the one remaining sodium light has been capped by the council, been in place seven years now :).
  2. Into my second week of a holiday in Venice and have not seen a cloudy night yet, wonderful sky.  Last night we were crossing the Lagoon on a waterbus when a beautiful big red moon broke the horizon, it was truly lovely to see.  I used my phone to take a photo but the moon looked just ordinary and washed out with all the lights reflecting on the water, still it was nice to see.  Back home over the weekend, once sorted out I have a delivery from Wicks and can continue the rebuild of the garden observatory and probably clouds :)


    1. Pig


      Sounds fantastic Jim...... I haven't seen a star for 2 weeks now :-)

  3. I did have problems with using too many cameras on one hub so I came up with this solution mad but it works: I bought an old PC for £25 and the only program on it is Stellarium, this runs the mount directly. One hub is used to run Pole Master and my Canon DSLR and this is on a laptop. Another hub goes to another PC and this runs QHY5II with PHD and QHY8L It works and have had no problems, maybe over the top but am happy with it. Jim
  4. Hi Nova, I have an attic observatory at the moment, soon to move but it has done me well for about five years, no dome but a large window that gives me a North thru East to South view. The main thing I had to do was reinforce the floor and install the window, the glass unit I promptly removed. It can be warm in the summer and very cold in the winter, this has not caused me much of a problem. That's all I can really say except good luck with what you achieve Jim
  5. This is it at the moment, activity on the left rim: Just to clarify this is not my work, it is a copy and paste from Space Jim
  6. Just to give you an idea of what happened with me, firstly the lane in question goes down to a sheltered accommodation and the lights are on all night. Secondly and the more important part, the lane lighting belongs to Lowestoft Council but they do not have the equipment to maintain them so it falls to Suffolk District Council to repair them as necessary. As soon as I had all the information available I got straight through to the relevant office, had a nice chat with the person concerned with the lights there and as said before I knew it the problem has been resolved. On point I will make, as it is a sheltered area the lights stay on all night unlike the roads around which switch off at midnight. Jim
  7. I phoned up the council one day about exactly the same problem I have with a light, explained what I do and what I needed done, it was fixed the next morning with a shade that stopped sideways and upwards light, the shade is still there six years later. Happy really as I am reopening my garden observatory The offending light with shade Jim
  8. Lovely day today, not a cloud in the sky and was able to get on with the next step on the garden observatory.  I thought this might bode well for the evening and a bit of comet chasing.  This evening I seen that the clouds were moving North so hurried up and opened the attic and got the mount and it attachments quickly into action, less than a minute, but looking up I seen the clouds had been quicker and beat me to it.  Left all there in hope and went downstairs but looking at Sat 24 it showed that the clouds were here to stay and also getting thicker.  It was with a heavy hearty that I trudged upstairs and closed up, , maybe another night and another comet :( 

  9. Hi Jen, yes it is good Jim
  10. Great piece kit Jem, nice and quite. I have changed the bottom part to a wedge, made it much better for alignment. Jim
  11. I have been waiting the last couple of weeks to take a shot at it but no clear sky here so thanks for the looksee Pepe Jim
  12. You have a very interesting and informative site Dominic, I apologise, I should have looked at it before going on about Stellarium Jim
  13. Thanks again, I think that Putaendo may have hit on the answer, the centre piece would attach to the Losmandy on the 11", just a bit of reconfiguration required and it will be perfect, thanks all for the inputs. Jim
  14. Thanks for that, I already have the dual bar and it is sitting on my NEQ6 with two OTAs in the attic obsy. Now that I have the CGE Pro which takes quite a bit of weight and cannot fit in the attic I have decided to get rid of the attic obsy and return to the garden. I want to take the two OTA and place them astride the 11" RASA, hope that makes more sense. Jim
  15. Hi all, I am in need of some help, I have an OTA with a Losmandy dovetail and I wish to attach a Vixen dual bar to it as below, any ideas please. Jim