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  1. Hi first of all an apology to all who answered my last post on here have not been able to reply as i have been in hospital since Boxing day did not get home till middle of last week. Hubby assembled the Dobson for me while i was in hospital ready for me coming home. Did not feel good enough to use it till last night but it was so cold out i used it indoors through an open window in spare bedroom all i did was to align finder scope with main tube think i will have to change the finder for a right angle version the sight picture in finder is ok but i do not like the straight through finder at all makes your neck ache. A lot of cloud drifting by last night but got some good views of the Moon also Venus and thought i saw Mars it was in the right position in the sky and it looked red. I can't wait to get outside with some decent skies.
  2. Santa has been very naughty this year not only has he not wrapped my present but he left it at RVO instead of my house had to get hubby to pick it up for me. Just look at it a brown cardboard box no girlie paper no bows.
  3. Hi all after reading your replies think i shall still get the 8" Dobsonian i enjoy watch/finding stars without a telescope so it will add another dimension to the sky. I can find most but not all i want to look at by using stars i know allready i have books/star maps/planisphere also we do lots of walking in the peak district all year round so have loads of outdoor clothing but for when it is really cold hubby bought me a high altitude ski suit. Now i have one more question for you all where should i buy this telescope we have a local shop called Rother Valley Optics then there is Amazon as well as FLO. Have been to RVO with hubby loads of times as he flies r/c gliders slope soarers when the astronomy part of the shop used to be half of the floor space but that space has been taken over for the model part of the shop the astronomy bit is now very much smaller. I do remember they allways used to have at least one Dobsonian on show but looks like they no longer have room for that it is now very cramped. Point me to a seller please i would prefer to see the real thing before i buy if possible.
  4. Hi i have been looking at the stars for a long time but a couple of years ago hubby bought me an astronomy book then i really started to enjoy it. Did try the cheap Lidl telescope it was ok but the tripod was not to good the slightest knock would start it shaking for ages got hubby to fill the legs with sand did not make much difference well sold it. That was about 2 years ago now i enjoy sitting outside using my eyes plus a really old pair of 7 x 50 binoculars seems the longer i look the more i see i really enjoy looking for something i have not seen before. Now this year hubby promised he would buy me a telescope to cut this post short he said how about i buy you Celestron Nexstar SLT with goto looked nice but did some reading on web saw i could buy same telescope without the goto for half the price then after reading some more decided i would rather have an 8" Dobsonian like the Skyliner. Would this be the right choice for looking at the stars but not the planets.
  5. Wow! what a welcome thanks everyone now i am sure this is the right forum for me. But next come the questions.
  6. Hi people my name is Linda i have been looking at the stars for a couple of years but never had the time to take it seriously till now. I found this forum whilst searching online for info on what telescope would be best for me. I shall most likely need lots of help also have a lot of questions for everyone. Happy stargazing.
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