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  1. Lol, I certainly know what you mean by chinese grease!!! Well it looks like I shall be learning the skies by the dark art of star hopping, just gotta buy myself a star atlas now!! Back on topic, so honestly speaking those setting circles really aren't all they are cracked up to be then?
  2. Yeah I am having the same trouble with mine, so is that manual correct in that the marking on the mount is the pointer as opposed to the little metal triangle??
  3. I am not sure if the R.A. setting circle on my new Skywatcher 130p EQ2 mount is working as it should!! To be honest it looks a little warped. There is a pointer on it that obviously points to the R.A readings. The thing is when I do the slow motion controls on the RA, the pointer moves round with the circle, so that for example if I had originally set it at 18h52, when i twist the slow motion controls the entire RA wheel spins but the pointer goes with it so that no matter how long I twist it for it always ends up reading 18h52 if you see what I mean?? I would have presumed that the pointer was supposed to stay stationary and that the RA wheel is supposed to move so that you can locate objects in the sky once you have polar aligned etc?? As you all know I am a total newb, so please be gentle.
  4. I inserted all of the batteries (brand new and tried 2 different sets) but nothing happened. Upon closer inspection it appears as if one of the battery contact points has corroded so therefore no good contact is being made, also there are 3 wires, a black, blue and red, and it appears that the red wire is faulty (appears to have been cut or something).
  5. Oops, I have just discovered that if I had opened up the box and looked at the tube that there is a sticker on it confirming that the scope we have received is indeed the 130P as ordered. Just gutted that the motor we ordered is faulty and I won't receive the replacement for it until January. Clear skies!! Richard.
  6. I know that it isn't Stellarium, but this is an alternative free piece of software that may or may not serve your needs...........Celestia: Home.
  7. A warm welcome from myself too. I also come from Norfolk.
  8. Just me again with a total newb question I have just received my new telescope but I am just checking its the right one..... We ordered the Skywatcher Explorer 130P (the one with the parabolic mirror), but on the box it says Skywatcher SKP13065EQ2 Aspherical mirror, so I just want to know if this is the correct scope?? I have googled around, but can't find any help anywhere . Sorry for the total newb question, but we all start somewhere don't we?
  9. As some of you are aware because you helped me with my decision to purchase it, I am awaiting to receive my brand new Skywatcher 130P (with motor) this week. Just want to ask about storage before it arrives. I have a garage which is used to store boxes etc, but our tumble dryer is also in there. The tumble dryer is near to the door, and we drape the hose outside of the door, but no doubt some steam/condensation gets inside the garage still. So basically will it be alright to store our new telescope in the garage, or would you advise against it? Thanks guys.
  10. Received the free binoculars, DVD and motor today . Just can't wait to recieve our telescope now!!!!
  11. OptimusPrimeval

    Hi All

    Welcome, I am a newbie myself and loving this place. Everybody here is so helpful and knowledgeable that its a real pleasure to spend some time here.
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