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  1. hopeing for clear skys not seen so much as a beam f light for near 3 weeks
  2. sweet your lucky m8 here is cloud followed by cloud with a sprinkling of rain
  3. nice article thanks for showing us
  4. guess im all alone hehe (in yeovil every one can hear you scream)
  5. hehe nps sorry for this reply also m8 yea im in yeovil a lovely little town thats flooded by almost daytime night conditions
  6. any one here from yeovil thinking of trying to start a club or smthing as there is nada here
  7. ah ok thanks then help to know these things picked em all up for a fiver so its not to bad and the 4mm pushes the scope to its max now so these will do for a year or so
  8. there not to bad when u learn how to move them >.<
  9. ok so i picked up some tasco barlow lens and a hm25mm h12.5mm and a sr4mm today the 4 mm is green is this normal and what do do sr h and hm stand for?
  10. lol to true and to think when i started i thought it was just get the scope point it and look
  11. meh why did i not find that article about a month ago
  12. lol now i am dreading tomorrow as my motor for the mount will arrive
  13. cheers john was kinda tearing my hair out about this and ye seen that companion for about an hour now
  14. ok so for a while i have owned a skywatcher explorer 130. i got this lovely eq 2 mount with it and have ATTEMPTED to polar allighn it now here is the problem once its alighned how do u move the damn thing polaris is a little boring to watch after a minute or 2
  15. neilf


    lol that or practice with a sling shot im thinking
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