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  1. 7 hours ago, Piero said:

    Well, I don't buy gear randomly, but only after making sure that there is a real benefit with it (assuming costs are acceptable of course). A ~3.5mm HR would be on my wish list. As far as I know Vixen bought the Pentax XO patent. If so, that could explain why the HR 2.4mm is so close (basically indistinguishable optically) with the Pentax XO 2.5mm as stated by CN members owning both. There is no review about this new Tak TOE as far as I know.

    Congratulations for the views Gerry! Under very good seeing, Saturn can leave lovely memories! :rolleyes:

    The Vixen HR and the Pentax XO have different designs, but have very good reviews. However, the HR 2.4 features is a larger eye relief of 10mm.

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  2. On 17.5.2017 at 19:35, Gavster said:

    Interesting comment posted today by the boss of TEC, Yuri, on cloudynights that TEC may move to Fluorite on all its scopes including the TEC140 because Ohara are now pushing fpl55 rather than fpl53. This could change the APO market quite a bit if fpl53 does get phased out.


    Where did you see that on CN? Could you please post a link to that CN thread?

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