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  1. Price reduction: 2x 7mm Nagler - each for 219€ (~approx. 190GBP)
  2. In the meantime I have the T-POD 130. So this ad can be closed ?
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. Cleaning both Hi-Les did not change the situation.
  4. Yesterday night I observed the moon with my HI-LE 3.6mm. I have two of them and compared these two concerning halos/ghosting. Indeed, they both exhibited halos on the almost full moon, but one has shown a much stronger halo than the other! I have no clue why they differ so much. Then I compared the better of the two HI-LEs to the HR 3.4. I tend to say that the HI-LE appeared a bit sharper and a tiny bit cooler, but the difference in sharpness might also result from the longer focal length. The HR is a bit more comfortable due to its longer eye relief. Mike if your HI-LE was as bad as my worse HI-LE, then I can totally understand why you gave it away. I wonder If the halos in my HI-LEs are due to condensation inside the eyepiece? I will try to store them in a more dry environment and check the halos sometime again.
  5. Has anybody here compared the Vixen HR 3.4 to a Hi-Le 3.6? I have tried to compare those two eyepieces, but have not yet come to a final conclusion. My first impression is that the Hi-Le has a cooler tone and more sharpness...
  6. Have you compared the two scopes directly? I have to admit, that I have not, but I find my FCs have a rather cooler tone compared to other scopes. I never considered them to have a warm tone. The TSA however impresses with snow-white out-of focus star images.
  7. Sorry, in the meantime the focuser and adapter have been sold.
  8. Originally I wanted to build a binoscope with two DCs. Since I ran into trouble finding wide-angle bino-friendly eyepieces for this aperture ratio I changed my mind and want to sell the scope which is in better condition, i.e. as good as new. The other scope is a keeper ?.
  9. The TSA had to leave because I don't need so many scopes. It is (slightly) better corrected than the DL, but I had two reasons why I sold it: The tiny bit of better correction is not worth the heavier weight, which results in a larger mount, more counterweights, and finally a heavier setup. If I want to see "more" I can still take a larger scope, with higher resolution and about the same weight of the full setup. Right now I have two DCs and a DL. My plan was to build a binoscope with the DCs, but the more I did my research for appropriate eyepieces, the more I realized, that the aperture ratio is not high enough to find wide-angle, bino-friendly eyepieces for large exit pupils. So that's why I want to sell one of the DCs. The other two scopes, DC and DL, are keepers ?.
  10. I have done that ?. I owned a DC, DL und the TSA and sold the TSA to thin the heard.
  11. I suggest you take a peek through a FC-100DF and FC-100DL before you decide which way to go. Both scopes are much lighter than the TSA-102, which feels like a tractor when you compare weights.
  12. Price update: one of two Feather Touch Lightweight Focusers - you choose - silver for 450€ / black for 435€ (approx. ~400/385 GBP) Starlight Instruments A20-304 - 2" Adapter für Takahashi FS-78, FSQ-85, FC-100D - 125€ (approx. ~111GBP) Starlight Instruments R20-1.4 - 2“ Riser 2.0" Diameter adds 1.4" (35,6mm) to Length of Base - 65€ (approx. ~58GBP)
  13. Hi, whould you sell the T-POD 110 separately? Could you ship it to Germany at my cost? Best regards, Marcus
  14. Sorry, I just realized, that postage (<2kg) to the UK will be 13,99€...
  15. another tip: get an additional 2" Riser so you don't need an extension tube for your focuser. e.g. http://starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&amp;path=44_64&amp;product_id=137 or http://starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&amp;path=44_64&amp;product_id=138
  16. for sale: Starlight Instruments A30-1903-1 Feather Touch Adapter M109x1 in very good condition - 99€ (approx. ~86GBP) Starlight Instruments R30-2.25 - 3" Feather Touch Riser adds 2.25" (57mm) to Length of Base in very good condition - 129€ (approx. ~115GBP) international postage: 21€ (approx. ~19GBP) payment via bank transfer or paypal friends
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