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  1. Check out the Vixen-level dovetail bar with part number TKP71423
  2. I'd like to withdraw this ad, but cannot edit the original post. Could an administrator please move this to closed ads?
  3. for sale: Takahashi 0.73x Reducer (TKA18580) in like-new condition for use with the following scopes: FC-76DC: 76/417mm, f/5.5, 36mm image circle FC-76DCU: 76/417mm, f/5.5, 36mm image circle FC-76DS: 76/417mm, f/5.5, 36mm image circle FC-76: 76/438mm, f/5.8, 36mm image circle FS-78: 78/462mm, f/5.9, 36mm image circle FS-78C: 78/462mm, f/5.9, 36mm image circle FC-100DC: 100/540mm, f/5.4, 30mm image circle FC-100DF: 100/540mm, f/5.4, 30mm image circle FC-100DZ price: 438€ (~397GBP) including postage within EU payment via PayPal Friends or bank transfer Please contact me via PM
  4. for sale: Takahashi FS-60CB Takahashi clamshell Takahashi 2" Eyepiece holder for FS-60CB The scope was built in 2018 and in very good condition. I'm the second owner. Reason for sale: right after I acquired this scope I found a nice FSQ-85EDX.. Retail price of all parts: 1060€, sale price: 738€ (approx. 670GBP) 699€ (approx. 635GBP) including postage within Europe Payment via PayPal-Friends or bank transfer please contact me via PM
  5. For sale: Takahashi FC-76DCU / Feather Touch Focuser The telescope is made up out of the following parts and extremely portable: Takahashi FC-76D objektive module Takahashi FS-60CB tube Starlight Instruments Adapter A20-302 Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser FTF2025 2x Borg tube rings 7085 + Vixen dovetail bar (Losmandy branding) telescope specs: weight with tube rings, dovetail bar, without dust caps: 1993g total length: 533mm the dew shield is screwed on The scope can be unscrewed at two locations: in the center of the tube, and at the focuser adapter. This results in three parts the objective module --> approx. 33cm the tube --> approx. 12,5cm the focuser + adapter --> approx. 10,5cm In case the buyer needs an Peli 1525 Air case, I can offer this for additional 89GBP. Price: 1399 GBP (incl. EU-wide shipping)
  6. For sale: Starlight Instruments Adapter A20-304 für Takahashi FC-100DC / DF / DL / FSQ-85 / FS-78 - 109 GBP Starlight Instruments Riser R20-3.75 (95,25mm) - 69 GBP Starlight Instruments Riser R20-1.4 (35,6mm) - 49 GBP Starlight Instruments 2" to M56x0,75 Adapter A20-301 - 84 GBP Shipping from Germany to UK: 12,55 GBP Payment via PayPal Friends or Bank transfer
  7. Looking for a Takahashi 0.66x Reducer FC-35 for FC-100D please contact me via PM!
  8. Looking for a 0.73x Takahashi Reducer (TKA18580) for FC-76D please contact me via PM!
  9. Intercon Spacetec has it: https://www.intercon-spacetec.de/zubehoer/schutz-und-verpackung/deckel/3176-aussendeckel-d38-takahashi-le-.html
  10. Hi Uli, if you are confident, that you can sell the TSA-102 for the price you pay, then go for it! ? You should be aware of the higher mount requirements though.
  11. Hi Uli, let's do our comparison again with two driven mounts ?. Since you are most interested in deep sky observation, the Borg 107FL might be interesting for you as well... Clear skies, Marcus I can also put the DC on the less stable Advanced Polaris ?
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