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  1. For Sale: Vixen Advanced Polaris Altazimuth (APZ) Modular Mount condition: brand new in box (tried out once) price: 389€ + 15,99€ postage (EU-wide)
  2. The SX2 is still of interest :-)
  3. That might be, but one would not even think about upgrading the focuser of a 500€ scope with a 500€ focuser. Focusing a 2,4mm eyepiece in a loaded turret which weights 1,5kg is "When only the the best will do!"
  4. Recently I acquired a second-hand FC-100DC with MEF-3. I don't think that the MEF-3 is the optimum, because there is some flex in the sheetmetal plate that attaches to the housing. I expect the FTF micro pinon to be more precise due to less backlash. But certainly since Tak focusers vary quite a bit one might be equally satisfied with his/her copy.
  5. Using a dovetail which is longer than the saddle of the mount usually does not make sense. The geometrical moment of inertia of the FC-100D tube is much higher than that of the dovetail. So basically you allow your setup more flex if your dovetail is too long.
  6. With my DC and DL I use the Primalucelab rings with a 140mm Vixen-style bar. I never doubted the stability of the rings and/or bar.
  7. before asking third party companies, I'd contact Baader Planetarium directly: https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/contact-us/
  8. As far as I know gen 3 NV-devices are not allowed for exports out of the US. How is the legal situation concerning these Televue/TNVC devices in the UK?
  9. Wanted: Vixen SX2 - contact via PM please!
  10. As an observer who uses the Abbe 32 without glasses, I find the eye relief a little bit too large. The eyepiece has an outstanding sharpness and contrast and gives a very neutral color tone. I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied.
  11. good news: Vixen HR 3.4mm
  12. Nice! That's an occasion to change your avatar
  13. For completeness, FC-100DC with FTF2025BCR-LW Focuser and TEC turret and FC-100DL with FTF3035B-A Focuser and Takahashi turret.
  14. That I don't really know :-) They are quite redundant. I wanted to have the DL first and then changed my mind to get the DC. Now at the second production run I could not resist and ordered a DL. In the long run, I want to build a binoscope with two DCs. And then I have the DL as a single.
  15. Some days ago, I received my FC-100DL, which is a complement to my FC-100DC :-) Two wonderful scopes...
  16. Hmm, I don't remember. I think they came like this, but don't know it for sure...
  17. Yes, that's going to ruin me, at least financially! A 125/1200mm Fluorite doublet that has the same color correction as the FC-100DF. . .
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