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  1. Here's an Advanced Polaris...
  2. Yes, I have the 95mm rings which you can see in my avatar - I like them. First I didn't like the red color, but now I'm used to it. I initially planned to get them re-anodized in silver, but haven't done that yet.
  3. marcus_z

    Which Tak

    By the way, there's also the option to upgrade to a 3" Starlight Feather Touch: A30-1903-85 They also have images of an FC-100DC/DC on their website. Note that this upgrade increases weight by about 1kg. The focuser is so smooth that I hardly use the micro focus knob!
  4. marcus_z

    Anyone use(d) a Vixen APZ mount?

    Oh I doubt that it will match a C8 and a 120mm refractor. The thing is: manually it is rated 8kg, motorized 6kg. So if you modify it to motorized equatorial you decrease stability. The 100mm equinox might be ok for the APZ but the Advanced Polaris will not be OK. The closest thing to the APZ is an AOK Ayo. Maybe that's something for you?
  5. marcus_z

    Anyone use(d) a Vixen APZ mount?

    Nope, it's the same clamp that I have on my Advanced Polaris. It is marring and can't be changed.
  6. marcus_z

    Anyone use(d) a Vixen APZ mount?

    I have ordered one at opt. What's you requirement with regard to your telescopes and accessories? I want to use it for a FC-100DL with the SXG HAL-130, but it'll take weeks until I have all bits and pieces of my setup together.
  7. marcus_z

    Tak FC100DL F9

    My first refractor was an Orion ED80T, an ED triplet with carbon fiber tube. My second refractor the FC-100DC. At first sight I realized, that the Tak shows a clear textbook Airy disc and that it takes higher magnifications without degradation of the image. The FC-100D has an outstanding contrast that I don't want to miss. With this experience I don't want to go back to low quality optics, but I can't comment on the quality of the Equinox .
  8. Hi Tim, that's it exactly. You can use it like a porta and move the scope freely without clutches. For fine movements you either turn the knobs or, on the motorized axes, you press buttons on the Starbook One. I just want to make clear, that the FC-100D is at the limit of this mount. With the tripod legs not fully extended it definitely helps. Focusing at 200x needs a fine focus, because of vibrations. I usually sit on an astro-chair to reduce jitter. When you change from a lighter to a larger eyepiece you'll notice that it sags (e.g. when swithing from Tak LE5 to an Ethos 4.7). However, I have had really good observing sessions with this setup, but some of us could be disappointed. An ED81S/SD81S might be a far better match. Before the Tak I had an 80/480 triplet on the mount which was a perfect match. I recently acquired a 150/600 Newton which seems to be a good match for the AP as well. A 4" long focus refractor is definitely not recommended.
  9. Whatever you do, don't forget the "red dot finder"
  10. Fortunately, I did not have problems and haven't heard of any. It seems like the few people who have vixen mounts don't complain in fora.
  11. Thank you :-) Here's how it looks "compressed":
  12. let me calculate: 90° + lunar declination - lattitude = culmination height --> nope
  13. marcus_z

    High power eyepiece for TAK100DL

    Takahashi Abbe 6mm
  14. Where in the UK do you point a planetary scope upwards?
  15. Please say you haven't spent the money for an FC-100DC on theese two scopes... please just please...
  16. marcus_z

    Eyepieces for new setup

    Here's something to discuss: 30mm explore scientific 82° 8-24mm Baader Hyperion Zoom 5mm TeleVue Delite What do you think about that?
  17. marcus_z

    Vixen HR 2.4mm

    I have all three Vixen HR. Comparing the HR 2.4 to the HI-LE 2.8, I found the HR to show the same brightness, despite the 15% smaller exit pupil. They have an outstanding quality. However, I don't use them often, because of their short focal length. Their best use is probably in a small F/4 Newton or astrograph on a tracking mount.
  18. Just for completeness, here's how the Advanced Polaris looks with a Takahashi FC-100D, 2" Diagonal and an Ethos 17mm. That's about the limit of the mount. A sturdier tripod could possibly help. If you're concerned about the price of it, get a cheap 100° eyepiece clone, or a cheap China ED or whatever...
  19. Yes, it is removable! That's the extension I meant. I have to correct myself. It's 55mm long. Just unscrew it.
  20. Note the extension tube in the original DC focuser. If you remove that you gain approximately 65mm backfocus. That might help...
  21. marcus_z

    Grab & Go setup

    Nice Setup! How does it handle high magnifications (150x - 200x)?
  22. Typically the focal length of 11-15mm is used the most in a 10" Dobson. Therefore, I recommend a 82° to 100° eyepiece in that range. The ES82 14mm seems to be a good option :-)
  23. marcus_z

    Takahashi TOE are coming

    The Vixen HR and the Pentax XO have different designs, but have very good reviews. However, the HR 2.4 features is a larger eye relief of 10mm.
  24. marcus_z

    Incoming Tak Hi-LE 3.6mm eyepiece

    Hi Dave, how do you like your HI-LE 3.6 so far? I use mine with my FC-100D on the moon quite often. The views are comparable to the Takahashi Abbe line. Unfortunately, they are not exactly parfocal to the Abbes. Therefore tracking is definitely need ;-) clear skies, Marcus

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