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  1. Recently I acquired a second-hand FC-100DC with MEF-3. I don't think that the MEF-3 is the optimum, because there is some flex in the sheetmetal plate that attaches to the housing. I expect the FTF micro pinon to be more precise due to less backlash. But certainly since Tak focusers vary quite a bit one might be equally satisfied with his/her copy.
  2. marcus_z

    Tak FC100DL F9

    Using a dovetail which is longer than the saddle of the mount usually does not make sense. The geometrical moment of inertia of the FC-100D tube is much higher than that of the dovetail. So basically you allow your setup more flex if your dovetail is too long.
  3. marcus_z

    Tak FC100DL F9

    With my DC and DL I use the Primalucelab rings with a 140mm Vixen-style bar. I never doubted the stability of the rings and/or bar.
  4. before asking third party companies, I'd contact Baader Planetarium directly: https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/contact-us/
  5. marcus_z

    Every Dog has its Day (or does it?)

    As far as I know gen 3 NV-devices are not allowed for exports out of the US. How is the legal situation concerning these Televue/TNVC devices in the UK?
  6. marcus_z

    Takahashi 32mm Abbe MC

    As an observer who uses the Abbe 32 without glasses, I find the eye relief a little bit too large. The eyepiece has an outstanding sharpness and contrast and gives a very neutral color tone. I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied.
  7. You guys are too concerned about the type of telescope you have
  8. What about the Rigel Quick Finder?
  9. marcus_z

    Show us your Orthos

    Here are some Takahashi Abbes
  10. marcus_z

    Vixen HR 2.4mm

    good news: Vixen HR 3.4mm
  11. marcus_z

    Show us your Frac

    Nice! That's an occasion to change your avatar
  12. For completeness, FC-100DC with FTF2025BCR-LW Focuser and TEC turret and FC-100DL with FTF3035B-A Focuser and Takahashi turret.
  13. That I don't really know :-) They are quite redundant. I wanted to have the DL first and then changed my mind to get the DC. Now at the second production run I could not resist and ordered a DL. In the long run, I want to build a binoscope with two DCs. And then I have the DL as a single.
  14. Some days ago, I received my FC-100DL, which is a complement to my FC-100DC :-) Two wonderful scopes...
  15. Hmm, I don't remember. I think they came like this, but don't know it for sure...
  16. marcus_z

    Which Tak

    Yes, that's going to ruin me, at least financially! A 125/1200mm Fluorite doublet that has the same color correction as the FC-100DF. . .
  17. marcus_z

    Takahashi 24, 30, 50mm eye pieces

    I have the LE30, LE7.5, LE5, HI-LE3.6, and HI-LE2.8. I like the 5 and 7.5 for lunar views and cannot confirm the internal reflections. It seems like these internal reflections some people complain about are a thing of the past, and eliminated in the newer eyepieces. So be careful if you buy these used. The LE30 is nice in my opinion, it is very little softer than the Takahashi Abbe 32 with a larger AFOV. It's colour tone is a touch warmer than the Abbe 32, but that can only be noticed in direct comparison. I think the LEs are O.K. for scopes up to F/5 (take care of the exit pupil).
  18. marcus_z

    Takahashi 24, 30, 50mm eye pieces

    25585, these focal lengths will result in large exit pupils in fast scopes. What focal ratio do you think about? If you take 7mm as your maximum exit pupil, then you should not go above F/7.1 with the 50mm eyepiece...
  19. marcus_z

    Which Tak

    There's the 2" and 3" Feather Touch upgrade, so we all need both upgrades as well My DL will get the 3" FTF and the DC the 2" FTF... I guess we need fora because of the variety!
  20. marcus_z

    Which Tak

    I have a DC with Feather Touch replacement. I have also ordered a DL, which is supposed to arrive within the next few weeks.
  21. The OTAs have a M95x1 male thread. If you take the DC, then you can remove just the focuser, with or without the extension tube, and use an adapter with a male M77.5X1 thread. If you go the Starlight Intruments route, you can use: A20-304 for DC, DF, and DL A20-302 for DC A30-1903-85 for DC, DF, and DL
  22. By the way, why just post mounts and telescopes?
  23. Here's an Advanced Polaris...

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