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  1. Sorry, I just realized, that postage (<2kg) to the UK will be 13,99€...
  2. another tip: get an additional 2" Riser so you don't need an extension tube for your focuser. e.g. http://starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&amp;path=44_64&amp;product_id=137 or http://starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&amp;path=44_64&amp;product_id=138
  3. for sale: Starlight Instruments A30-1903-1 Feather Touch Adapter M109x1 in very good condition - 99€ (approx. ~86GBP) Starlight Instruments R30-2.25 - 3" Feather Touch Riser adds 2.25" (57mm) to Length of Base in very good condition - 129€ (approx. ~115GBP) international postage: 21€ (approx. ~19GBP) payment via bank transfer or paypal friends
  4. For Sale: TeleVue Nagler T6 5mm - 229€ (approx. ~204GBP) 2x TeleVue Nagler T6 7mm - each for 219€ (~approx. 190GBP) TeleVue Nagler T6 13mm - 229€ (approx. ~204GBP) Takahashi HI-LE 2.8mm - 275€ (approx. ~245GBP) all eyepieces in very good condition international postage: 21€ (approx. ~19GBP) payment via bank transfer or paypal friends
  5. For sale: Takahashi Extender-CQ 1.7X (for FS-60CB / FC-76DCU) in very good condition - 254€ (approx. ~227GBP) international postage: 21€ (approx. ~19GBP) payment via bank transfer or paypal friends
  6. For sale: one of two Feather Touch Lightweight Focusers - you choose silver / black - 499€ (approx. ~446 GBP) Starlight Instruments A20-304 - 2" Adapter für Takahashi FS-78, FSQ-85, FC-100D - 125€ (approx. ~111GBP) Starlight Instruments R20-1.4 - 2“ Riser 2.0" Diameter adds 1.4" (35,6mm) to Length of Base - 65€ (approx. ~58GBP) international postage t.b.d. payment via bank transfer or paypal friends
  7. For sale: Takahashi FC-100DC in very good condition Price: 1590€ + 49€ international postage (approx. ~1463GBP) In a separate thread is a Feather Touch Focuser and Adapter for the FC-100D for sale... payment via bank transfer or paypal friends
  8. Yes, it is definitely possible to unscrew it. The focuser of the ED81S has the same concept as the Takahashi focusers and similar performance. It has 60mm inner diameter.
  9. The weight of the 1510 is insane: 6,2kg with cubed foam. If you fly Lufthansa you have 1,8kg left for the rest of the stuff - that's a no-go. On the other hand I would never use a soft-case. Therefore I went for a Peli 1525 air (3.2kg with foam). Here's my (almost complete) setup: FC-76D objective unit + FS-60CB tube + Starlight Instruments adapter A20-302 + FTF2025BCR-LW Borg 80mm Rings + Vixen Dovetail (#2662) Televue Nagler 26, 13, 7, 5, 3.5 Baader Clicklock Diagonal + 1,25" Clicklock Adapter 2" Baader OIII + Astronomik UHC-E filter The total weight is below 8kg, dimensions are 55.8 x 35.5 x 19 cm. But don't ask me for prices...?
  10. Please consider the same disassembly for cabin luggage as in the FC-76DCU and FC-100DC/DF. The length of the ED81SII is 585mm. If you unscrew the focuser you save approximately 100mm. So the ED81S is as portable as the mentioned Taks! Please also note that the ED81S has quite a lot of baffles to reduce straylight, which continue all the way into the focuser drawtube. From a quality point of view I would rather compare the ED80Sf to the TS and ES scopes. These are in a diffentent (lower) league. Having said that, the Tak FC-76DC is in my opinion a tad better than the ED81S. The question you have to answer for yourself is: For how many trips do you want to use the scope, and how much would you want to pay for this (probably small) number of uses? From a baggage allowance point of view, I think that the harder limit is the weight of the hand luggage. A hardcase, scope, diagonal and the eyepiece set in total under 8kg. That should not be taken too easy.
  11. As a former owner of a 10" Dobson and user of the Report and SXG-HAL130 as well as the FC-100DC and the FC-100DL, I recommend the SXG-HAL 130 and the DF. The report might be OK, but not perfect at 200x magnification, especially if you don't have a micro focuser. The HAL130 is lighter than the UNI and more than enough. The DF version has a very good color correction and does not need a pier extension for the zenith. Therefore, I think this will serve you better especially with those wider fields.
  12. No, I don't think I need one. For planets I just use the tube as orientation. For deep sky I might just use the lowest magnification eyepiece as a finder. A Panoptic 41 gives a 4.6 degree TFOV and 14x Magnification. That is almost like a finder, but with much better aberration control and eye relief. But I'm not 100% sure about the low mag eyepieces which I should use for travel... I'm thinking about a Masuyama 45mm, which gives a 6mm pupil and should work good with filters. Maybe a 16mm Nagler for open clusters, but then I don't know which eyepiece to take between the two...
  13. What a coincidence. I received also received my FC-76D objective module a few days ago. Which eyepieces and filters do you use for deep-sky?
  14. My Takahashi is purged with nitrogen, oxygen and depending on conditions dihydrogenmonoxid gas. That's about everything you need for things like the the eagle nebula.
  15. Does anyone know why some Takahashi serial-number plates are golden, and some are silver?
  16. Phil, there's a gap between the focuser housing and the MPA at the sides. It seems like your MPA-TAK2.7 technically works, but that the MPA-TAK2.5 closes the gap here...
  17. Check TeleVue's recommendation here: Eyepieces for 6" to 10" Dobsonians with 1,200mm Focal Lengths basically they recommend Ethos 21, 13, 8, and 6. I think that's a perfect set. If you use filters quite often, then you could replace the Ethos 21 with the Nagler 31. Temporarily I had the following set: Nagler 31, Ethos 13, 6, 3.7 that's also something to consider. So I would recommend to plan three to four 100° eyepieces.
  18. For Sale: Vixen Advanced Polaris Altazimuth (APZ) Modular Mount condition: brand new in box (tried out once) price: 389€ + 15,99€ postage (EU-wide)
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