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  1. I have the kindle reader (along with aldiko) on my android phone and pc and am surprised how much I use it. It's so convenient having the book you're reading always with you always synced to your current position. Reading from a phone screen isn't ideal, although more comfortable than I imagined when I tried it for the first time. I'm trying to hold out for an android reader with an e-ink screen rather than jumping straight onto the kindle bandwagon so I can read books in epub etc.. formats from other stores. My main irk is that so many books are more expensive in electronic format than for the actual paper copy.
  2. Looks like these guys caught it on camera Well, here's my attempt at the moon and the ISS - and an... on Twitpic yfrog Fullsize - m17cv.jpg
  3. I watched the ISS last night too, it's always an incredible sight and just amazing to see what we have achieved. I have a very interesting pass tonight which is just above the Moon and Jupiter. Hoping to get a nice picture. http://www.heavens-above.com/passgif.exe?T=0&FOV=20&RA=-5.15928641623533&Dec=3.21184031488806E-02&RAInc=10&DecInc=2&TimeInc=10&SatName=ISS&Width=500&Height=500&STime=40552.7333532542&Lat=52.5780555555556&Lng=-1.12833333333333&Line1=1+25544U+98067A+++11008.90372045++.00013454++00000-0++10245-3+0++6056&Line2=2+25544+051.6460+257.4707+0005304+120.3371+326.5746+15.72609595695838 It will be a different path depending on where you are; you can get charts from Heavens-Above Home Page Also, if you're on twitter you can get alerts of when to see the ISS from Twisst - tweeting ISS passes near you | Twisst
  4. My favourites mainly oldies: Asimov's Foundation trilogy 2001 and Rendez Vous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke Ringworld by Larry Niven Dune by Frank Herbert Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card The Void Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton
  5. On a brighter note I got this picture which I'm pretty pleased with for a first real attempt at M42. Stargazers Lounge - r-mo's Album: DSO - Picture
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  8. Yeah, they're definitely gone. Some of the dust caps were still on the tray and I always put them on before they go in my pocket. Think I'd notice the PowerMate too
  9. I'm in South Wigston near Leicester, not a great area but I wouldn't expect this to happen. There's a 6ft wooden fence around almost the whole garden with just a small section over to next door that's about 3ft which must be where they got in. Didn't hear a thing, I'm really surprised they took the eyepieces and not my camera, probably couldn't work out how to get it off the scope.. Thanks for the sympathy, make you feel rotten when something like this happens.
  10. First clear skies in ages, brand new mount and some new eyepieces so got everything set up in the back garden. I got some fantastic views of the Moon, Jupiter and M42, had attached my DSLR and am amazed by the photos I can get with my new mount but I'm getting a bit chilly so I nip in to grab a bite and watch QI XL. Return to my telescope and after taking a few more photographs I think I might have a look at something else. I turn on my red torch and they're gone! Straight off the holder. If anyone sees the following for sale please let me (or the police) know TeleVue 11mm Plossl TeleVue 2.5X PowerMate SkyWatcher 25mm SUPER SkyWatcher 1.25" Star Diagonal I just can't understand why people would nick these
  11. Wow, that's some going. I'd have though my PSU would cope with it though it's rated to 16A peak on the 12V rail. It is getting on though and there's a reasonable stretch of wire between scope and PSU. Have to get my multimeter out... Thanks for the help, as always
  12. The clutches are as tight as I can get them. Power is from the 12V rail of an old 450W computer PSU I converted to use as a power source for some of my electronics projects. I've also just tried it with the AA battery pack from my SupaTrak mount and that makes things worse. Does this thing just need more juice?
  13. I've just received my HEQ5 mount from FLO. I've managed to get it all set up, I think. Scope is balanced as per the instructions and seems to move well with the lock levers open. I've now closed the lock levers and tried to power it up to move the scope with the motors and I've hit a snag. When I power it on I can move the RA axis fine using the left/right buttons on the controller, then I can move the Dec axis with the up/down buttons. Then if I go back to moving the RA after I've moved the Dec it moves a couple of degrees then makes a clunking noise and won't move again until the power is reset, Dec axis still moves OK. What could I be doing wrong? or could the handset or mount be faulty?
  14. I just saw what I think was a very bright meteor through quite heavy cloud while I was out having a cigarette. NW sky about 50 degrees travelling E to W. I guess it must have been exceptionally bright to see it.
  15. I asked this very question the other day (same scope currently on the supatrak AZ). At the time I was looking at the EQ5 and CG5 but was persuaded that the HEQ5 was the way to go, mainly for future proofing but also the improved stability and tracking which will be needed attempting to image with the slow mak. I'm hoping I'll be able to use this mount with anything I can reasonably afford for many years. I've been looking at some lovely refractors to go on it but won't be able to get one for a good while yet I'll try to let you know how I get on with it, if you're not buying very soon.
  16. One that hasn't been mentioned that I think is a really good beginner target is the double cluster NGC 869 and 884.
  17. It's certainly looking more like the HEQ5 is the way to go for a mount. I'll have to see if I can scrape enough together before the VAT increase. I do know that I'll need a better scope for DSOs always did even when I got this mak, but it was certainly right for me at the time. It's interesting that you say it's worth looking at refractors as I'd noticed a lot of the impressive images I've seen are from refractors rather than reflectors. I'd thought until recently I'd need a large aperture reflector to get as much light gathering as possible. So a lot of homework will be required before I take the plunge with a new OTA. I really need to do this in stages though, I just don't have the funds for a complete overhaul of my equipment in one fell swoop and if I start with the mount I can start to get some practice in even if they're not going to be the greatest images ever. Even the blurry pics of M42 I've been taking recently have been very satisfying just to see some of the colours rather than the green smudge in the eyepiece is incredible.
  18. It is great but I was wondering if anyone can recommend something a bit better for imaging. The photos I've taken with it are great for sunspots but the images I get seem very flat and dull. I've seen images online which are far more detailed and colourful. Here's the kind of image I get with my telescope and the baader film Sunspots 17/10/2010 on Twitpic
  19. It should be a really good eclipse for photography with it being so low in the sky a partially eclipsed sun and a silhouetted foreground will make for a fantastic photo if you can find the right location. It'll be perfectly safe through a camera LCD screen and with wider angles you'll be OK through the viewfinder. Just whatever you do don't look directly through a telescope or bins or even a telephoto (zoomed in) lens on your camera. Magnified sun is not good even at that time of day.
  20. Thanks for all the replies very useful food for thought. @Staffy Unfortunately I all to familiar with balancing The camera I have weighs in at only just under a kilo so as soon as you attach it to the scope balanced for visual the mount can't support the weight and points straight up you rebalance and it points down once you take it off. Makes it impossible to switch between the 2 on a night out as you need to realign each time. @rowan46 and U235 Thanks, looks like the EQ3 is out (I suspected this anyway, think I was dreaming on budget ) and sounds like the CG5 is the better of these 2 @bizibilder hmm, it is very much in my mind that a scope upgrade may well come before I would really want it to. I really love this scope its a good compromise for me between quality and portability (which is pretty important for me) but it's certainly showing it's limitations now I'm starting to look more towards the deep sky. So the HEQ5 would certainly make sense in that respect. The main problem I have with the SynTrek is it's the same handset I'm using at the moment and I've found it to be annoyingly unresponsive at times, and tracking has not been good (I don't know whether this is controlled at handset or mount). What's the 2nd hand market like? Either to buy bigger for cheaper in a while or think about selling something for my OTA later. I've not really seen anything on ebay, are there other sites more people use for astro equipment? (I thought there used to be a trading forum on here...)
  21. I have a SkyMax 127 currently on the skywatcher supatrak alt-az mount. It's been great for learning my way around the sky and visual observing but when I try any longer exposures with my camera the tracking is not even close (and the weight of my EOS 5D is too much for it too. So I'm looking to upgrade to an equatorial mount which will be sturdy enough for the weight and have decent enough tracking for the longer exposure shots. and I'd quite like goto just to speed up the search I've had a look around and am thinking of these: Skywatcher EQ3 PRO Synscan GOTO £379 Skywatcher EQ5 PRO Synscan GOTO £440 Celestron CG-5 GT GOTO £449 Budget I was thinking of £350 but can just about stretch to £450 Anything else to consider? Is the EQ5 / CG-5 overkill for the skymax127? Do the non-goto mounts have motors for tracking?
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