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  1. What is your OTA? It is balanced in all orientations of DEC? The belt and magnetically loaded worms results in a stretchy behavior if your OTA is horizontal balanced but has a vertical imbalance. It could cause similar behavior as what you see although usually it eventually catches up with a large overshoot.
  2. Thanks. This new scope is providing a lot of photons. Going to let me image more targets or do mosaics without too much trouble I am hoping..
  3. http://www.astrobin.com/421758/0/ First (well Nth but the first few tries wasn't interesting due to learning curve with newtonians) attempt at a real image. GSO 250 f4 truss newt CEM60EC (needs the firmware fix for large loads, should be any day now for beta) GSO coma corrector QHY163C at -10C 40x180s
  4. So you confirmed my experience. When I tighten the two screws it reduces the flexure but it made the collimation change with focuser movement. So overall this focuser appears to be expensive (glad I got an awesome deal on it with the scope) but doesn't entirely do the job I require of it. I guess I'll be investigating a feather touch or other alternatives.
  5. After days of struggling with the collimation of my new to me GSO 10" truss newt, I realize that the problem was the moonlite focuser sags. And this is sagging with just a tublug and laser attached. Granted I have the extension attached as the GSO coma corrector needs it. Quite disappointing as this is my first proper focuser and it's got issues. Is this expected? I searched online and it appears that where you want something that absolutely doesn't sag you should go with feathertouch. I also got the original GSO monorail focuser, makes me wonder if, just if, it would prove to be more tolerate of the payload than the moonlite.
  6. This is a really odd ball marketing strategy. The two are essentially the same with one having 5lb more payload which is nothing at all.
  7. Please, he's a rent seeking proprietor not some mythical god who's out to save our RMS. If he can shave 10% off his cost and people would pay more, who would begrudge him that? On the flip side as a business if he can sell his quality mount for somewhat less than it was before (maybe even a significant price drop) he might end up with more business and more revenue as well. We can then discuss about the practicality of doing that while still providing the quality expected.
  8. So there are improvements but the manufacturing costs should have gone down too with the more simplistic structure.
  9. I paid 400 CAD for 4x 8 inch piers for the observatory building, and 1x 24 inch pier which is the base for the metal pier. This includes augering. I just had to supply the tubes, rebars and brackets. Now the concrete on the top of one of the piers was questionable but they did a repair on it and it's ok for now. With a more reliable contractor I think it would be the easiest way to do it without risking your back.
  10. Build a custom Alt-Az adjuster? What is the new pricing anyhow? So mysterious.
  11. You can fill in the inside of a metal pier with sand to help make it as heavy as a concrete pier if you are worried. Local post diggers would come with an auger and mix the cement for you for a few hundred dollars. I worked the math and it wasn't that far from renting and mixing myself so I just contracted that out.
  12. Getting a custom metal pier is usually not that bad. Once you consider the potential cost of injury moving heavy bags of mix and such. The ioptron Alu piers are also quite reasonable. Alternatively a tripier on a concrete floor works ok too.
  13. They also sell a a perm aluminum pier if you don't want to pour so much concrete. For me I had the 24" 4' concrete base done and mounted a skyshed pier on-top. This way in theory the building can be converted to a regular shed by removing the pier and closing the pier hole.
  14. I also know someone who purchased the cem60ec directly from iOptron, and was having issues with guiding. They waived his return date so he can have enough time to determine what's what before he decides big he'd just get another cem60 instead. While their customers service is not perfect it is quite good for a mass market company. Yes it's not a luxury experience but at least they are responsive. All those scare stories are overblown in their magnitude. It's not like AP and Bisque doesn't have users who receive bad copies. There even a YouTube video of someone who got a new ap1100 with a floppy DEC. In the end it was fixed but if you think the expensive brands are perfect you could find the truth to be very different. Too often the story line with expensive mount is that the QA is better, but other then finding a very frank large volume reseller who is willing to talk, we'll never know if that's true. Often to me it appears the way they gain their reputation is to change double what other costs then replace broken stuff with no questions asked. Which makes people feel better but doesn't help tell anyone if the quality is actually better. This hobby sometimes feel like there's more hearsay than facts.
  15. The forest is smoking. Lots of East coast US complaints it's not so bad here, which I get but still they seems miffed that I am complaining at all. It was interesting for me cause I was looking at the sat feed and wondering what kind of cloud can't be seen in the IR data. Now I know. Should have known after all we use IR to look past stellar dust
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