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  1. Don't have a Ha filter this is an OSC image. Thinking about getting the tri-band type filter maybe, or a mono setup.
  2. Saturating was the way to get the faint details to separate from the background. I already masked the stars but it still seems to have an impact. More data might help in that regards. I am debating if I should go out tonight with the nearly full moon or if it would be a bust trying to get more data on something faint with the moon blazing. Thoughts?
  3. https://www.astrobin.com/wghzkc/D/?nc=user Had some trouble before with the faint bit, but some more effort and sub seems to bring a bit of it out. Maybe add more hours?
  4. The rainbow one however, especially the smallest one seem to have quite bad PE. So I'd becareful and hopefully buy with a good return policy.
  5. Not going to suggest you get an iOptron because support in the end for me wasn't so great but maybe different in Europe. However, I am running right about 22 kg at 1000mm and 0.7" scale on a cem60ec. It seems to work fine and my images are dominated by my collimation or optics issues. I don't know if you need encoders for an RASA thought. It's not going to be a small image scale system is it?
  6. The one example of the RH was not impressive. Maybe needs more adjustment but at the asking price you have other options. Encoders are not needed for even long lengths if PEC works or native PE is low. It's a nice idea if it works.
  7. cotak


    https://www.astrobin.com/full/npgu60/C/?nc=user Always fun when there's a nova.
  8. There is now a Gemini GTD mount on sale for first 10 copies? And it's cheap too but you'll have to roll your own controller..
  9. You got some input from the net? There is only one example seen online for the RH. And lots of problems with the cem120EC. Sorry it's not likely an easy question to answer. Given known quantity vs unknown I'd say maybe a non encoder cem120 is the best bet. The big standard eq8 to me just lacks the features like not having to adjust the worm to be that interesting.
  10. Likely it's a smaller cem120. So cem120 style. This is like a cem60 refresh. Not exactly ground shaking but I suppose it was necessary at some point.
  11. Update and a public thank you to Starlight. So I ended up getting a 2" feather touch focuser. I needed the adapter for the GSO truss newt which initially Wayne from Starlight provided a part number for, but it turns out to be the wrong part and doesn't mate to the scope base plate. Wayne took back the adapter and made me a custom one and made it right in a way that really shows they do care about the out come for their customer (note you do have to be patient as it takes a while for these things). Now I can report that the feather touch crayford is indeed a step up from the 2.5" large format moonlite. The feather touch and no flex within reasonable hand pressure even with the force application being made 8 inches away from the focuser body. I guess for this person at least going forward I'll be sticking to the feather touch focusers. Design wise it is definitely better than the way a moonlite is put together. In my own opinion the moonlite looks better but is only slightly better mechanically than most included focusers on mass market OTAs. Now I have to fix the secondary flop after I removed it from the stalk to remove the massive foam tape used at the factory which I think was causing astigmatism, the 3 blobs of silicone should be better but now the 88mm mirror moves with changing angle of the scope.
  12. Good luck. My dealer just ignored me after a while.
  13. It's the encoder. The reader alignment to the ring has to be precise or it'll cause more problems than it solves. Realignment is not advisable at home per iOptron support. All this is under the SDE topic threads on CN.
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