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  1. Found the solution after a few minutes. I just had to let the adapter adjust itself to the voltage etc. It's all working properly now! Thank you guys for the help
  2. Thank you guys for your replies! I just bought an adaptor with 12V and 5A, but the problem still persist. The mount keep making the same noise, and doesn't move. And the number '5' shows up in the upper right corner of the handset screen. I guess this means it wasn't a power issue after all??? - Mehtevas
  3. Hello guys, sorry for the late response! Very sorry. I have tried one adaptor, it has the following: Input, 230V - 50 HZ. Output, 12 VDC 500 mA. When I tried this adaptor, the hand control would not read me error messages any more, but Instead the number "5" would appear in the upper right corner of the hand control. Furthermore, the mount itself would make a "dizz"- noice, that to me seemed like the motor tried to move, but could not. You know, the sound an electronic devise outputs, but nothing happens. Also, my Handcontrol has the version 5.29, while the motor firmware has the 5.18 version. I've checked the links above, where it says the latest motor control firmware is the 5.18 as well. Any suggestions guys?
  4. I tried to use the GoTo function on the Nexstar SLT 130 for the first time last night. I got through all the steps to set in date, time, place etc. But When I have to find 3 objects in the night sky, I have to use the direction buttons on the handset, whenever I press one of those 4 buttons, the handset just dies out. The screen becomes green, it says nothing on it, until 1-2 minutes later, it says something about error 16 or 17. Keep in mind that the whole handset works up until the point I have to use it to align. What this means is that my scope does not move up or down, nor right or left, since it just shuts down. What I've tried: - Change batteries (AA's) - Try to use a power supply - Updated the firmware in the handset to the latest version What could be the problem? - Mehtevas
  5. I couldn't get the Sky-Align to work, that's why I had to find both manually. The only thing the handset said was something about "initializing", and "press back or turn off your...." I'll try to update its software so I can use it later. Ok, the only 2 bright objects that were in the horizon was the Moon and Venus, and when I got my telescope to focus on Venus it just showed up as a very bright star. I'll try your method of collimation later though. Thanks for your fast reply, appreciate it!
  6. Hello there, Stargazers! I recently bought my first telescope, the Celestron SLT 130 GoTo. Last night the skies were clear and I was waiting for the Moon and Venus to be visible. They showed up and I tried the telescope for the first time. The GoTo feature didn't work, but I guess it just need a software update? So instead of using the GoTo(Sky-align), I placed the scope manually and got the view of the Moon and its details through both the 25mm and 9mm lenses that came with the telescope. When it came to Venus, I couldn't see anything. I did get it in my scope 3-4 times using both the 25mm and 9mm (I have no Barlow lense), but Venus appeared like a faint star. It wasn't more than a bright star viewed through the SLT 130.... And I'm 100% sure that my scope saw directly on Venus, but I couldn't see the round-ballshaped planet, only bright light. Then I tried to steady my focuser, with no happy result. When it was focused the best it could, I still saw this glimpse of light. If I tried to focus too much, I suddenly saw the mirrors in my telescope..? (Keep in mind I'm a beginner and completely new to all this). So I hope you guys can enlighten me on this: Why is it that I can view the moon, its surface, all the details, but I couldn't view anything of Venus - but a bright light. Does it have anything to do with collimation? Wish you all a great day. Sincerely, Mehtevas, Norway.
  7. Thank you for welcoming me, and thank you all for taking your time giving me more detail and advice. I really appreciate this. I will take everything all of you have told me into consideration, and do a little more research on a few things - some of you have written. Sorry for this late respons, I wasn't able to reply earlier since I was away this weekend. I will most likely wait with the photopraphing part. Instead I'll be focusing on learning the more basic stuff that is to learn about telescoping(?(Did I just make a new word, or is this actually something)). I have to ask you guys for one more favor: Can you please make a little list of examples, of what kind of DSO I'll be able to see through this telescope? Like, will I be able to see the Orion Nebula? (<- one example) And one more question: 1. If I just want a telescope to look at DSO, planets, the moon etc, would this telescope still be "the one" to buy? Or would you rather I buy another one, if so, which one? Once again, thanks for all the warm welcoming. And thank you, D4N, very well informative for one like me, I appreciate it. Thank you, Charic, for making it very clear about the photographing part. Thank you Peco4321, hope we can come in touch and talk more about the telescope, I'd like to know more about your experience. Same goes for you, Brantuk. And to all, thank you very much. - Mehtevas
  8. Hi there! (Before reading, my English may not be the best, but I hope you'll understand what I mean and say) I'm currently looking for a telescope that will blow my mind (in a weird way). I've been a "fan" of the night sky since I was a little kid, now I'm 21 years old and I want to give the skies a try. So, the telescop I've been thinking about buying is the Sky-Watcher Explorer-150P(EQ3-2) F/750. To me it seems like a decent telescope for a beginner, but I have my questions to those who are experienced with telescopes and those of you who maybe own their own Sky Watcher Expl. 150P. Questions: 1. Is this a good beginners telescope? Please explain why it is, and why it might not be. 2. What will I be able to view with it? 3. Is this a telescope I can use to take pictures? If so, how can this be done? (Using a laptop or a digital camera?...or both?) 4. Is it difficult to take it with you and to operate it? 5. If you could please rate it from 1-5 (for beginners), where would you put it? Those are the questions I have right now, I might come back with more later. I'm hoping for friendly and informative replies that can help me decide. It's already pretty late here in Norway, so I'll be going to bed now, but I hope some of you can answer me within the next few days. Here's a link to a website I might be buying from: http://www.stjarnhusetonline.se/prod/telescopes/sky-watcher/newtonianreflectors/explorer150.html Have a great night. Much love from Norway.
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