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  1. Hi, how did the test shoot go? Were the images OK without the flattener? Cheers, Martin
  2. All I've managed to find is a new control unit from FLO at £100. Just the motherboard would do. As I've just had an unexpected win on an EQ6 on ebay I want to sell the EQ5, which broke down just after. Typical. I'll probably sell the mount and remaining electronics separately unless someone wanted it as it is. Cheers :-)
  3. Bonus clear sky tonight. Changing the leads had no effect so I went ahead and swapped the RA and DEC output plugs. Using a custom tracking rate of RA = 0, DEC = -15.041 resulted in spot on tracking, so it is the RA driver module at fault, just as you suggested Julian. Now how do I tell EQMOD what I've done so I can point the scope where I want? :-) Julian thanks for your help, I can get some sleep now. All the best, Martin
  4. ok I'll have a look at them too. Can't test until the next clear night though, will let you know what happens. Thanks...
  5. I plug the eqdirect into the motor control box so no handset. These are the plugs I was taking about.
  6. Julian, do you know if the plugs (in the control unit) can simply be swapped round? RA has 5 pins, DEC 4, presumably the extra (grey one) is power as it goes to the body of the socket. I can't find a wiring diagram as yet... Thanks.
  7. Hi, I've been happily tracking and guiding for over a year with an EQ5 mount. It's controlled via a laptop with and EQDIR adaptor using EQMOD, guiding with PHD and assisted with Cartes du Ciel. One night last week I started getting star trails, the images drift eastward noticeably over a few seconds. PHD can't keep up with the drift, though I don't think it should have to. I don't think that Polar alignment or leveling are an issue. Using the Synscan handset instead of the adaptor has no effect. I can speed up by switching to custom tracking and using a rate of 16 deg/hr, though the actual amount varies by +/- half a degree or more. I've tried changing the power supply and adjusting the RA worm gear to no effect. Coming to the conclusion it's a fault with the motor (might try switching the RA and DEC motors around) or something electronic in the junction box. I'd be really grateful if someone could shed some light on this. Thanks in anticipation, happy new year! Martin
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