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  1. This is now solved from a recent thread on the DL / SBIG site. With the latest driver version it is now necessary to tick (on) Asynchronous USB IO within Configure Driver in the SBIGDriverChecker and then reboot.
  2. Hi I am new to the forum and looking for some help I have an ST10XME, which previously I have run in Windows XP, with CCD Soft, CCD AP, Sky 6 and Maxim DL (v4). The camera worked well in this setup, although all the drivers etc had not been updatedas the system has been in storage for some years. However I am now trying to migrate the camera onto a new PC running windows 7 with a view to a remote installation running SGPro. My problem is that I cannot get the camera "seen" by any of the relevant acquisition programmes e.g. CCDsoft, CCDops, Maxim DL v4 or SGPro. I started with a fresh ins
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