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  1. Thanks! This looks to be a great option for me! Not too expensive either. Thanks a million!
  2. Thanks so much Alan for taking the time out to give such a detailed answer. Really appreciate it! I'd say the cheapest option for me (I'm a student haha) would be the mains adapter! I'll head into halfords tonight and take a look around. Thanks again, sadhbh
  3. Thanks very much! Does this mean I have to keep it connected to the car while using it? Or can I plug it in throughout the day and then use the controller later? (Using the car adapter it came with) Sorry if these questions are ridiculous! ?
  4. Hi everyone, I have just bought an eq3 pro. I initially plugged it in and nothing happened so I brought the cigarette lighter adapter out to the car and it began to work. Just wondering is this how you charge it or do you have to leave it plugged in while you are using it? (Newbie here) Thanks a million
  5. Thanks for your help! I will be purchasing tonight. ?
  6. Thanks! Ah, can I ask about the coma corrector, I've seen some comments about it and am just wondering what exactly it's needed for? ? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, am thinking of buying a 130 PDS for imaging with a DSLR! Just wondering what experiences people have had with it. Any focusing problems? Image examples etc. thanks everyone! ??
  8. Hi everyone, just thought I'd share with you my first proper shot/edit of the Orion Nebula (any DSO in fact) as you were all so helpful! ? There's a gradient in the picture that I can't quite get rid of but oh well! ? Thanks for all the advice
  9. The stacked version is in black and white, as you can see it's not great ?
  10. Hi everyone, the black and white image is an image that I stacked in dss and the other image is a single shot of what I stacked! I was wondering if anyone would take a crack at editing the stacked version of the picture for me as I am trying to get my head around editing and am wondering what a picture like this could look like with a bit of tweaking ? Thanks everyone
  11. Ah I see, i might try and stack them again and make sure the settings are all right!!!
  12. Thanks Dave! That was causing me a lot of hassle ? Good to know it's easily sorted
  13. Thanks for your help CJ, i managed to stack the images in dss I had roughly 130 lights, 50 darks and 50 biases! i thought the image would turn out quite clear as all the single frames I took are quite clear but it seems to have come out pretty blurry and has dark lines running vertically through the image, I am trying to upload here but it's too big and am unsure how to decrease the size (sorry for being a complete noob) ?
  14. Thanks Dave! Yeah thought so, hopefully I'll get the stacking done tomorrow ???
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