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  1. 0 0 13.3" i think... HTH ...M
  2. lol:Dno worries Paul... I'm certain you'll return the favour bud! ...M
  3. :hello2:wise choice methinks... if it needs it (who knows) you'll have all tomorrow to do it! Make sure you have all the necessary bits n bobs at hand 'before' you start, take your time - piece o cake! let us know - clear skies for tonight bud... ...Mark
  4. Wouldn't it be worth trying it first? Along the lines of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'... I rushed my first collimation (eager to get out) got it all wrong, bits everywhere, sweating, swearing and kicking the dog... (not really, ain't got a dog) - :olost my first nights observing! Try it? It may be fine, if not - take your time tomorrow to collimate it... :rolleyes:HTH Kindest, Mark
  5. :DThanks guys... 8" is now set-up, covered and ready for later... Crab neb (M1) looks beautiful, I'll definitely spend some time there. Can't believe how close together (not literal) M36, 37 & 38 are, fine targets all... Thank you's... ...M
  6. :icon_eek:i couldn't make the valentine weekend - i'd get lynched! ANY other weekend should be fine tho, whatever is decided I'll organise a little scouting party the week beforehand (and a beer or three) ? i'm sure peeps would prefer Fri/Sat?? ...M
  7. Hi all... Having cleared the snow at last! I am going to try for an hour or so tonight - in your opinion what would you try for with an Easterly view (should be able to get NE to SE at a push) Thank you for your time and input... Kindest, Mark
  8. ;)i know it... (or the Nickelodeon???) several laybys - i'm sure we'll get 6+ cars around... that's why i wanted a 'scout' first, to find the best entry/exit hole in the wall:D etc... glad you got the 10" dooropener tho:eek: he he ...M
  9. :DHi Michael... (and gang) :hello2:I got a yes (with condition)! but didn't wanna try n arrange owt just yet and have it fall flat due to weather... Condition is no key, but welcome to use land, which means park up in layby, hopping through/over the fence/gate, then 20+ acres to choose from... All still interested??? please PM me When snow clears and temp rises above 0zero I'll organise a scouting 'party'... meantime, anyone interested in meeting for a few pints and breaking the ice??? Kindest, Mark
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  15. ps... :Dcongrats & best wishes - I'll bring a crate!!!
  16. :confused:I'm sure there are... ...just a case of tracking them down, finding, then approaching the land owner and then getting permission:rolleyes:
  17. Hi Steve, Essington, middle of farmland... good parking etc. PM on it's way ...M
  18. All... :DHad an 'OK' for an obs site for 'Summer' - staff will be there til 8PM and will leave the chain off the gate for us to lock-up when we leave. Have asked if I could be entrusted with a key to enable us to let ourselves in/out in 'Winter' (staff leave 4PM ish)... ...will have an answer tomorrow, watch this space. Mark
  19. Am planning on getting out after midnight...planning 1am onwards! Aiming for Mars, spending quite a bit of time lunar and I'm sure Saturn will be rising in the same area E / SE. and the Quantratids hopefully in between... ...M
  20. Hi Andy... I'm sure there will be plenty there... we will sort something! Hopefully there won't be 'far' to travel from parking spot, so if we all pitch in... the more telescopes the better? ;)You're local to me, i drive, we'll overcome! Kindest, Mark
  21. :Dthanks all... Lulu - lol, i'll take a picnic:eek: :(love having a 'rummage', internet's abfab, but not 'rummage able' heyho... ...M
  22. :DHi all... Anyone know of any West Mids astro shops:confused:??? I'm in Wolverhampton... ...Mark
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