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  1. hiyas... 'could' be a clear (ish) one tonight ...M
  2. Very little actual "LIVE StarGazing"...... I know the conditions were VERY unfavourable, but, surely the BBC could have various 'set-ups' around our fair isle - so's to guarantee some actual LIVE stargazing??? Mars, Mars, Mars... Very samey as all the 'space week' docus that were on over Christmas - bad choice if you ask me, as the position of Mars is so unsuitable for viewing at the mo? Moan over, I enjoyed it and will be watching again tonight Hopefully clear skies @ my locale later too ...M
  3. Hi Voltaire... Hopefully our 'blackcountry' skies will be clear (ish) tonight Hopefully... ...M
  4. ...lucky girlie don't give up!! ...M x
  5. "FRUSTRATING" is an understatement!!! (( I bought a webcam (before Chrimbo) to try my hand at imaging - it's still in the box! I managed about an hour or so over the 'break' to set up the scope and get used to the new computerised mount (WAYHAY happy boy) But that's about it... bring back the frrrrrrrrrrrrrosty, clear nights Starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms ...M
  6. Hi all... Your thoughts/advice much appreciated. Is there a correct way of mounting the tube/scope (8" Newt.) i.e do you leave the dovetail and rings permanently affixed, and load the tube 'into' the assembly? or, do you leave the rings and dovetail attached to the tube and hoist the whole assembly onto the mount? Is there actually a 'correct' way, or, is it a matter of personal preference? ...M
  7. Pollux


    My 'Afocal' attempts... ALL comments greatly appreciated (you don't get better without criticism) Canon G7 and Scopetronix Maxview 40...
  8. Pollux


    From the album: Astro

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    From the album: Astro

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    From the album: Astro

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    From the album: Astro

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    From the album: Astro

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    From the album: Astro

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    From the album: Astro

  15. i ain't no genius... but i am local (ish) - what's up? ...M
  16. Hi bud, Nope you ain't bored us - thanks for sharing! The only way i've seen neb colour is using a filter (neodymium i think) Kindest, M
  17. Thanks all...appreciate your time ...M
  18. You should have a cracking night tonight! Let us know how you got on... ...M
  19. Evening all... I have to admit to being a caravanner:o Have any of you guys/girls been anywhere (camping also) that you really enjoyed the night skies too? I'd be interested in your site recommendations... Ta ...Mark
  20. Hi all, Had some superb skies last night,so thought I'd try some pics. Attached my Canon G7 directly to the focuser (minus eyepiece) via adapters, but all I get is a view of the mirror assys? Am I doing something wrong? Obviously yes... But what? Please, please advise me. Kindest Mark
  21. not tonight... Set up in back garden now! :rolleyes:Forgot haven't used the 200 for 12months+ (since I collimated) Think it prudent to prove collimation before 'outing' Cloud permitting... I am free Saturday 11th if that fits in with anyone else ??? Mark
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