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  1. Hi, I am interested in the mount only. I'll send you a PM soon.
  2. I am looking for a Skywatcher AZ-GTI head only. I could consider some accessories but I don't need the tripod. Hand delivery in London possible. L.
  3. I am looking for this camera in good conditions with original cables. It must be the monochromatic version. Shipment or hand delivery in London area.
  4. I know it is difficult but I am looking for this telescope. In particular, I want the new version coupled with the new corrector. I am not interested in accessories and price should be in the 1500£ range. However, if you have on E130 we can chat and try to find a deal.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a counterweight for my Ioptron SMARTeq. I am interested both in the original or a slightly different one. Weight should be around 2 kg. The size of shaft is 16mm thus, I can accept also counterweights with 20 mm hole or little bit more. Consider shipment or hand delivery in London. Regards Lorenzo
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome. I will start to read the forum and try to give an help where I can. No I didn't use any translator. Online translation from Italian to any language is quite bad. However, I was assisted by a vocabulary . My situation is not a tragedy. I have the tendency to exaggerate. Due to my work I always read books and papers in English. I also write my papers in English. However, writing is much easier than speaking. I know my concern about speaking are unjustified and I need to overcome it. I met always nice people since I am here and ready to help. Moreover, li
  7. Hello everybody. My name is Lorenzo and I am an amateur astronomer from Rome, Italy. I am writing since I moved in London one month ago where I will work for the next two years and I would like to introduce myself in UK astronomy world. First I am going to tell you something about me. I am 30 years old and I am a physicist. I got a PhD in material science, then I moved during postdoc to X-ray imaging field. After two years in Rome, more than half year in France, I moved to London for a postdoc position at the University College on a really amazing project. I have also passion for astrop
  8. I am looking for an epsilon 130 (new version). The price must be around 1500£ including shipping to London. General conditions must be good but few scratches won't be a problem. I am not interested in accessories but if you have rings or electronic focuser we may talk. Corrector to canon adapter is warmly welcomed.
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