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  1. I have had a SkyWatcher 150PL since Christmas and I am now interested in starting out in some astrophotography. I would like to get some nice shots of the moon and planets for now. I have a DSLR and have considered buying an adpater to connect it to my scope. However I see webcams are meant to be very effective too. Particularly imaging devices such as the Celestron NexImage Solar System CCD imager. What im really wondering is what will produce better shots of the moon and planets? My DSLR or something like the Celestron CCD imager? Also will I need a motor on my EQ-3 mount to take photos of just the moon and planets? Many thanks in advance
  2. Many thanks for the replies....helped clear things up. Would anybody know if a new 5mm EP for around £40-£60 would give better views than my supplied SW 10mm + X2 Barlow. Im just considering my options, would like to get some better views of Jupiter as although ive only had a few times to look at it, I cant seem to make out much detail or colour on it at all. "You can consider buying a 4mm (300x) instead of the barlow but you'll be dependent on excellent seeing conditions to use it."....what if I was to use it for just lunar purposes, anyone know if that would make much difference? I like the thought of being able to use the maximum magnification potential of my scope. Thanks for all your help guys, im very new to all this.
  3. I have been reading 'Warthogs' great sticky on EP's. I have a SW Explorer 150PL myself so would consider a 6, 10, 16 and 24mm EP for my scope. However, what would happen if I used a X2 Barlow on the 6mm EP (this would mainly be for planetary and lunar viewing). Would I get even more magnified images? Ive also seen you can get X3 Barlows, what would happen if I was to use one of these? Would I simply have too much magnification and my scope be unable to produce an image? What would I expect to see? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for all your replies...really useful to know all that. Just praying for clear skys so I can experiment with different EPs a bit more now.
  5. I was looking at the Orion nebula through my new SkyWatcher 150PL and it looked fantastic. However I was wondering how you can see it in colour instead of black and white? Do some filters allow you to see more colour? Being new to astronomy I also don't really understand why people reccomend looking at nebula through a relatively wide angle EP, why not an EP with the highest magnification so you can see it closer? I was looking at it with the supplied 10mm and X2 Barlow. Sorry if these questions seem silly and thanks in advance
  6. Thanks very much everyone for all your replies, all really useful! Ill see how I get on the first few days, and if I have enough Crimbo money left over get a moon filter as that sounds the priority, maybe a EP if I feel the need. Cant wait till Christmas till I can use it, the scope arrived yesterday. Although I got in a lot of trouble with the girlfriend as she had no idea how big it would be, the boxes are maaasive! hehe
  7. Hi, I am relatively new to astronomy, and I am getting my first proper scope for Christmas which is the SkyWatcher 150PL + EQ3. Does anyone else have this scope, or think of any additional accessories such as lenses, filters, sights etc that may be useful and worth getting to go with it? I have Stellarium for my computer, SkyWalk for my iPhone, and the book Turn left at Orion. All of which I thoroughly recommend to any other beginner. Thanks in advance
  8. Ive got a 'Skywatcher 150pl' reflector through FLO for Christmas, and on a particular website I saw this photo, which they said is an example of a photo taken with this scope....and this photo looks fantastic! I am new to astronomy, and I know to take a photo like this you would require im guessing a lot of new kit and experience. However, I was wondering what kit you would need and how you would take a particular photo like this. If anyone could shed any light on this it would be much appreciated! I would also like to take photos similar to this where you can see the star trails? Do you need a motor to take pictures of star trails? Sorry if these questions have been asked a million times already but thanks in advance!
  9. Two large boxes have apparently arrived at home for me....thanks steve! Just got to wait untill Christmas day until im allowed to use it now!
  10. Hi Steve, Spoke to someone at flo on Friday and they said my scope (order no. 8059) is on its way ...although on my order status its not showing my FedEx tracking number..just 'payment recieved' I was just wondering if there was anyway of getting hold of this if its not too much hassle? ...Just so I can make sure someone will be at home to collect it. Kind regards
  11. Does anybody know if FedEx deliver on Saturdays (within the UK)??
  12. @ robneath, I am looking at getting this scope for my first telescope, how are you getting on with it? What eyepieces have you upgraded to?..sounds like it might be worth doing so. Are there any other accessories worth getting for it? Kind regards, Tom
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