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  1. Hello, I've just bought a syguider2. I'm wondering if it's possible to use it with my 80x50 finderscope or an m42 dslr lens as I've a few unused. Many thanks.
  2. I do shoot in raw yes. the filter is for daylight use. I've not processed any shots yet taken in daylight and I'm well versed in light room but looking at the shots I think it will be difficult to get an accurate adjustment as it's not just a case of the colours being warmer or cooler, the mod allows a different part if the spectrum through . Hopefully I'll be proven wrong on that
  3. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I understand the relation between aperture and exposure time as I've done long exposure daytime for a few years (or does lp data increase exponentially in relation to object data I regards to exposure time or Is it purely a matter of tracking plus upstream and downstream noise ratios? In still at the novice stage so there's no doubt a few obvious things I'm missing). I find I can manage subs of several minutes (binning a few) with the power mate quite easily as I regularly check polar. The vignetting doesn't worry me so much as down the line I'll be adding flats etc. I also understand the basic problem with colour, the Bayer matrix. I'll be ditching the power mate for dso however as I realise it's pushing things too far, wasn't a huge issue before the mod but the added sensitivity is obviously wreaking havoc on my sensor. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced white balance correction filter 77mm? I can buy a clip but that's far from ideal for daylight. Ir filter I presume is what I need
  4. Further note. Remembering when I took the darks inside I will have disabled the remote app which will have turned off live view.
  5. Some good replies there thanks. I'll try the live view off. I do use it in order to use the WiFi remote on the smartphone. I've already decided to ditch the power mate for my next session and compare use with and without the field flattener . I've not heard of this being a know problem despite a good while googling, a relief in some respects. as for shooting at f36 shibby it's not such a big issue as the light pollution prevents me from exposures longer than a few minutes even with a cls clip. I did try some dark shots after I contacted the guy who moddel it so we could rule out sensor damage. Came out fine. Though when I took darks outside at the same time as the shots I've posted, the effect was visible on the darks with the lens cap on, I later took some inside but stuck a wooly hat over and they were fine (though the camera had probably cooled a bit which could have an effect)
  6. New comet? Great, will they name it after me?. Have done a leakage test and it's not the cause. Seems to be light pollution I think coupled with the 4x power mate. also getting bad coma too. Fine during planetary just long exposure dso
  7. By ff do you mean focal reducer? The shot with the Barlow didn't have the focal reducer on. The camera is heavy and extended quite far, though it was the same before the mod. Vignetting has always been a problem without the reducer but never suffered from the squaring. Maybe I should send a shot to andy at astronomiser, he did the mod
  8. Here's a shot with longer exposure lower iso. It's the shape of the vignetting that's bothering me. Lower left has a square shape almost like theirs either reflection bouncing back or somethings out of line
  9. I need the power mate for the magnification especially as I'm using full frame. ( I know bit of an obvious answer sorry)
  10. I'm at work currently but should be able to sort something tonight . Here's another ive downliaddd off the camera just now without the power mate and with a field flattener. Shorter exposure time with higher iso. I've noticed with lower iso and longer exposures the problem gets exponentially worse
  11. Morning. I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on my problem. I had my eos6d modded or astro and daytime use. Tried it last night with very unexpected results. 6d plus 4x power mate and field flattened on 100ed ds pro. light pollution is quite bad. I tried a cls clip filter but problem remained. Many thanks
  12. Fantastic thanks, with camera body that's just on the weight. Keep me posted about the tube sale please?
  13. Hi, could anyone tell me the weight of the sky watcher 100ed Ds pro please, I'm looking to buy one to use on my eq5 mount but the sites I've read state anything from 3kg to 9kg. Thanks
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