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  1. I use Velcro everywhere on my astro-equipment, but, i always let the adhesive bonds strengthen overnight before i test the velcro. 'Never had a problem.
  2. (Haven't read the whole thread, so apologies if this has already been discussed). I currently have a DM6 and really like not having to lug weights around. The AZ100 is a pretty exciting mount development (doubly so when the motor drive appears). Has anyone tested the limits of the AZ100 without a counterweight? For instance, has anyone mounted a mid-sized refractor on it and had trouble with, for instance, the Slo-Mo controls - perhaps due to lack of counterweights? Thanks! John
  3. FYI: For wide-field, the Humminbird is fine, but I would steer clear of it if you are interested in even 'glancing' at planets. I bought one to see if it could compete with my TV60, but alas Jupiter and Saturn were blurry blobs at best. There was no detail at all unfortunately. I was using a nagler zoom and a delite 3mm. It's the prism that's the problem. Wider views were fine tho'... With basically the same goals as @greymouser I eventually created a kit around the TV60. Heres' a link: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/634162-my-solution-to-international-travel-with-only-a-day-pack/
  4. Nice work there @gavstar! Great digging, and as you say, unless Baader verifies it, none of us will truly know. I've never seen a bad review of the 95mm and we all know the quality is outstanding. For me, it's also nice to know the 'story' of a scope - it only adds to the joy of using it. Maybe we're a bit closer to what that story is...
  5. Hi @GavStar, Slightly off topic. I was wondering if you had any info on the provenance of the Baader lenses? I too don't really care where lenses are made as long as they meet required specs, but i'm curious to know if Baader are actually grinding/polishing/rotating all at the German factory? They say "made in Germany" but i wonder what that really means these days! Given that i've currently got the Travel Companion on order, it's more of an intellectual curiosity...
  6. Do you know, there was a third one, but i thought Mauro was going to keep that one! cheers John
  7. Hi there Gavster. I think i might have purchased the other of the two that were on sale there at Skypoint . I was wondering when that last one was going to sell - i almost bought both! Although I'm also on the 'List' - i could NOT pass up the chance to get an AP130GTX off the shelf. My one has been absolutely wonderful to use (Visual only). I'm so glad that i jumped when i had the chance. cheers John
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