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  1. Thanks, Singlin. I think I did have a cable snag because sometimes the model runs fine without any errors. Have to figure out a way to secure them better.
  2. Man, tried doing a PointXP run and each cal star it would slew to I would get a alt/dec encoder error and tracking would stop. Hit start again to get tracking but after each slew the error would trip again. Encoders are set to polite. Going to try a few things Lucas told me to do and Dan at Sitech.
  3. Hello, I get a below horizon limits message in the Sitech window no matter where my scope is pointed. This prevents the scope from being able to initialize and start tracking and I have disabled using the horizon file under mount parameters. Tried blind tracking and no change. I can't figure out why I'm getting this error. I used Steve Richard's guide for setup. Any advice would be appreciated. Mike
  4. Hello, I hijacked another post for long enough. You can see what started this on page 6 (link below). I used a program on my iPad called Theodolite to make a rough horizon file during the day. Still need to make a precise one when I sink on the sky. Set my under and overpole to 2 and 178 and haven't any pier collisions yet. I'm playing it safe with those parameters and have SGP meridian to go only 10 min past. I did a test PXP run with 22 points to see if I would get any pier collisions and none happened although it did come close. I was stopping the solve and letting it move to the next
  5. I know this is an old post and the dealers below are located in the USA but the system they sell is pretty much off the shelf. Comes pre-wired and all you have to do is install it and order some toothed track for the roof to the motor interface. I use heavy duty garage door rollers for the roof to roll along on. They sell a weather monitoring system that works with the roof control to close the roof based on parameters you set (wind, temp, clouds, etc). You can also get a power fail addon that will park the scope and close the roof automatically after a power failure (need a UPS battery backu
  6. Has anyone made their horizon file during the day? Talked to Dan at Sitech and he said position the scope on the east or west side with the counterweight bar horizontal. Then open up skyview and right click on zenith and do an offset init appropriate to the telescope pointing direction. Do this and you should be able to make a horizon file in the daytime without being aligned to the night sky. I did this but the az seems way off when rotating about the RA axis. Steppenwolf mentioned making points at 10-degree increments from 0-360. I know the Mesu can't go 360 in RA because the dec plate catc
  7. Thanks. SInce I'm in an ROR observatory the top of the walls are my horizon and I need to add a point for trees and other buildings. I guess I point to the tops and sides of the tree and note the az and alt.
  8. Hello, Where and how do you set the limits to keep from crashing the mount? I'm assuming you are talking about pier collisions which is what I have problems with. Can't use the Mesu remotely until I get that solved. As soon as it hits the pier you can't move the mount over the computer and have to go out to the observatory and use the hand control. I wish there were better help guides and Chuck Shaw would have completed the ones he talks about in his guide on the sitech website. I have no clue on how to properly set up a horizon file in sitech. Anyway thanks. Mikie
  9. I just ordered the same plate and would like to know what size allen bolts you use and how long they are. Thank you.
  10. Mcrogers1

    Hello All!

    Got my new Stellarvue SVA130T Imaging System in today. It has a .72 (F7to F5)reducer threaded to a 3-inch FTF. This thing is heavy.
  11. I haven't made it to the meridian flip stage yet or I would help you. I've tested the flip feature in SiTech.exe and it seems to work. I don't think the Mesu can track past the meridian.
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