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  1. Epic! And setting the bar pretty high!
  2. Not having new data, I am working on my Processing Skillz. While looking for stuff to redo, I realized I had never posted this mosaic at full size - only a reduced version due to some stacking issues. I re-did it, and the full size is good now. Was a great night. Hope I get another soon. This is the 140APM maxed out and critically sampled with my ZWO 183MM camera and 520nm narrowband filter. Hope some enjoy! Mike
  3. Outstanding Neil!!! More was captured than a "fair bit". In this so-so seeing you are still getting more than I ever have. lol Really liking the processing. Socked in now since my last stuff..... supposed to be a clearing in early AM tomorrow. Fingers crossed.... Mike
  4. An outstanding artistic work! Takes some skills most of us don't have (myself included). Print it.... hang it on your wall... SELL it! Mike
  5. Hi Steve. I think you are stacking enough... though personally I usually stack about 300-400 of 3000 frames from my 183mm which has the same pixel size as the 178 . At f12 you are a bit oversampled and perhaps pushing the files a bit hard with gain and sharpening. You could try a reducer.... or perhaps a softer processing and reduce the pic size a bit... say 80% original. This all if you don't find NR working for you. Or leave as is to show max detail. It's all fun messing with different ways of doing things.
  6. I know all about the wasted workout. haha. We have similar climates. I had a fabulous time. Seeing was wobbly, but lots of sharp moments and luckily not too wobbly for AS!3 to find all the matching bits! AFter running PIPP while sleeping for a quality cull, I then ran every (smaller) file through PIPP again and sorted with FOV. I think I must always do this frankly. My overworked mount bounces around more than most I am sure. I spent a fair bit of time viewing actually...... snapped a pic of setup truly a great night for viewing. Was fabulous. The eyepieces on my binos had first light, I just got them in the post that day. Gave a great full disc view on the APM.
  7. You will enjoy the monitor.... but it will mess with your head for a while for sharpening. lol No, I don't recall, but I am sure we can figure it out! My copy iof Astra s old now... I should check and see if anything new is worth upgrading!
  8. Very nice! Colour a bit off with that odd green cast. (could be my monitor lol) I would probably like it better in B and W. Good start with new gear! Mike
  9. Low in the sky is challenging for sure! Good details and nice views! Some noise. Might want to try a little NR? How many images stacked? Mike
  10. Was an epic weekend for me and the moon. Managed two great nights of observing and imaging. Clouds moved in last night... but can't have everything. On this night I setup about midnight with the moon about 30 degrees, and closed up shop about 3AM - luna still not at meridian yet. Views were absolutely stunning through my binos on the 140 and single eyeball views on both the 200mm and 140. Was shooting through a light mist, but seeing was supporting close efforts. Spent more time just viewing before closing up shop. First up, my full disc single panel shot with APM140 and 183MM camera. I expect the 140 will get more of a workout imaging wise again in the future, but I am still getting my HiRez skillz fine tuned with the Vixen.... so its getting the bulk of my imaging time right now. Really enjoying going for the max I can do! After a couple clips like the one above, I spent the rest of my imaging time with the Vixen and 290MM camera. All the following images were shot with a Vixen VMC200L, a Seibert Optics 1.5X Telecentric barlow, a Baader 610nm red narrowband and ZWO ASI 290MM camera. Clips were all 10,000 frames, the files pre-sorted while I slept in PIPP and the best 520 frames saved. I then stacked 50%, 40%, 30% and 20% of those in AutoStakkert!3. I went with processing the 40% stacks. Wavelets and deconvolution in Astra Image. This next image is a terminator mosaic of 8 panels. These next ones are other single captures that show off features and details perhaps better than the mosaic because I could fine tune processing to the area. Hope you enjoyed! I sure enjoyed doing all this work. The viewing was even better! Clear skies!!
  11. Thanks so much Steve! Still getting my Hi Rez skillz sorted.... but getting there! Thanks Neil! I still use the tried and true for me on the full disc stuff. I just like the results better from Astra deconvolution than other things I have tried. For the close in work, I am still using Astra Image.... but now do a combination of wavelets and light deconvolution... I hope its working... seems so!
  12. First up is a colour effort of full disc with my Sony DSLR and 2X teleconverter on APM 140 - then downsized to 75%. I mainly did this one for my Sony photo forum where I have been notably absent for some time. (lunar is taken over my free time). The converter is very old and introduced a lot of CA which I did my best to remove in post. Still.... the Sony crew will like it. hehe Then, my full disc single panel disc with APM140 at prime with 183MM. Tracking was quite good this night and I was able to shoot at 16mp with only about 75 pixels clearance for a few minutes. Next up are my first light efforts with a new barlow. Its a Seibert Optics 1.5X "Telecentric". (similar to a powermate). Vixen VMC200L + 1.5X Seibert + 610nm + 290MM camera. A little oversampled.... but I think fine as is. Posted at full size output. Each shot the best 200 of 10000 frames. Processed with wavelets and deconvolution in Astra Image. C and C appreciated..... still not feeling confident of my Hi Rez efforts. And that is it! Working on last night's data now. Clear skies Mike
  13. Yep. This 4 incher is a keeper. The full disc is lovely and tack sharp. The closeup is surprising! Really incredible what you can pull out of good long focal length 4 inch glass!
  14. Outstanding Neil! I think you have the Bresser dialed in.
  15. Wow! What an achievement Neil! Outstanding does not cover it. The detail and smooth finish is the best of the best. You can cut out 50 closeups here that would stand up well on their own! Will be returning to have a much longer exploration later. Mike
  16. Thanks so much Craig, Trevor and Angie! Was fun trying this out! Wider field seems to be the way to go for my seeing. lol Best regards Mike
  17. Hey all. Finally got around to trying a planetary shot. Alititude was 28 degrees... shot from my driveway at the bottom of a valley. Like shooting through soup... by the look of the seeing anyway. Still though... I am happy with effort. Just mono.. don't have a filter set. Shooting particulars: APM140/7 + 1.4X barlow, 610nm longpass filter, ZWO ASI 290MM cam, iOptron AZ Mount Pro 2 minute clip... best 8% of 20,000 frames 3ms exposure... gain about 200 or so Software; Firecapture, AS!3, Deconvolution in Astra Image and finishing in Lightroom 6. The moons were pretty dim, I raised them in post. Clear skies! Mike
  18. You know.... I have never tried shooting planets yet. lol. One day I will try it.
  19. Thanks much Neil! I thought it interesting my last upscaled image from the 140 seems to surpass my 8 inch efforts. More evidence that 140mm is the sweet spot for my local seeing. Thanks Pete! :))))) Thanks much Trevor! Hope you are well! Thanks Sunshine!
  20. Was a good start to the month. Had very little time.... left later this day for a few days vacay with fam. Full disc at prime with 140.: Then I tried and failed at one attempt at a higher rez mosaic. Took the top limb twice though.... and was great both times. Something went wrong on my much larger bottom panel. Both top parts here: The larger shot.... And a colourized version Runnning out of time, I switched to the Vixen and left both the 1.4X and the 183 on and went for ROI closeups. Results.... OK. They are both the best 300 of 5000 frames. VMC200L + 183MM + 520nm filter. All shots uploaded above and below are 100% size. All processing done with PIPP, AS!3, Astra Image and Lightroom. EDIT... just for fun, to compare with the above two 8 inch shots... here is the same 140 shot from earlier above redone with 1.5X drizzle. Clear skies!! Mike
  21. Another winner Neil! Love the details and contrast.... has a great overall look with that detail.
  22. Lovely image Neil! Superb processing imho.
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