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  1. Thanks @tomato. I think you're right in saying it will be OK. I'm going to roll with it for now... It just seemed a little strange for it to be racked out this far when the spacing is (almost) correct. But as you say, autofocus routines do not move the focuser very much. Thanks fro your reply!
  2. Hi! I recently purchased an Esprit 120ED which I am using in conjunction with a ZWO ASI1600. According to the manual the Flattener requires 75mm of back focus. I have Astrodon Filters that are 3mm - so adding 1mm to the spacing requirement means I need 76mm - So 77mm was the closest I could get for a first test. I am achieving this by using the following: Flattener ---- Extender Tube (comes with scope) 21mm ----- OAG 16.5mm ----- 11mm spacer ----- 2mm Spacer ----- EFW Filter Wheel 20mm ----- 6.5mm distance to sensor = 77mm Here are some images from the manual and my setup
  3. Hi! Very tempting... How long have you used the mount for? The pictures look perfect, I assume it's in mint condition?
  4. Another advantage of an OAG, is you should not have any differential flexure (which @rickwayne nodded to when he mentioned rigidity) Differential flexure is when parts of the imaging system shift, when others do not. This can lead to unreliable guiding. IMHO, an OAG is worth the hassle. You can also buy a helical focuser (if you go down the ZWO route) to make setting up easier. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-125-helical-focuser.html
  5. Tenerife is a very good choice. It’s extremely accessible as you can drive up to the base of Teide at 2,200m to be above the clouds. There are also a lot of parking bays up there which makes setting up a breeze. Bang for buck it’s an excellent astro holiday. As for other things to do on the island, you’d be surprised what you can find when you head away from the main tourist areas. Another option is La Palma, which in my opinion is more dramatic with the views over the Caldera, and it’s a touch darker than Tenerife, but not a deal breaker by any means. The most structure I have eve
  6. I hope this is not hijacking the thread, but I literally came online to ask a question in a similar vein, which is: I have a Berlebach Planet tripod and am looking to build an observatory in the not too distant future. I'm purely an imager and it would be a permanent setup, so +1 for a pier... but I only image at short to medium focal lengths (400-900mm) with CMOS cameras, so exposure times much shorter than for me than with a CCD. Basically my setup does not demand too much... but apart from the overall footprint and obvious increase in stability, given my setup is not likely to change
  7. Thanks for this! Hmmm... it is pretty weak but this end result is well worth the effort, and worth collecting the OIII for the bi-colour palette with synthetic green... I'm thinking let's just capture as much OIII as possible ! ! !
  8. Hi all, Tomorrow night looks like it's going to be the first clear night in about a month! (don't curse it!) and I'm going to try and image IC405, The Flaming Star Nebula in Auriga for the first time, and if time will allow I will move down to IC410, The Tadpoles Nebula to start a two frame mosaic (I'm shooting with an Esprit 80ED and a ZWO ASI1600) I shoot from a light polluted back garden so narrowband yields the best results, and as there is no moon about at the moment I usually try and soak up as much OIII data as possible on my chosen target! My first thought was to shoot O
  9. Ah! Thanks @vlaiv. So this is a little misleading ad the 17.5mm possibly relates to an older model. With the newer model, by removing the 11mm nosepiece I can use the same 6.5mm backfocus distance as the 1600. Basically, what I’m trying to work out here is can I just swap this camera over using my existing imaging train for the 1600, and from this information, the answer is yes.
  10. Please forgive my naivety here but my spacing behind the FF for the 1600 is a 16.5mm extender, T2 extender 11mm, M42-M42 male adapter, 2mm, EFW Filter Wheel, 20mm. This adds up to 49.5mm which added to the 6.5mm sensor distance comes to 56.0mm. But you are saying that I need to lose 11mm from this to achieve the back focus of 17.5mm? This does not make sense to me as in my mind you would have to add 11mm from the back of the FF to achieve the correct distance? Please forgive me if I am mistaken?
  11. Evening SGL, So I own a ZWO ASI1600MM where the back focus distance is 6.5mm. I know this measurement is correct as with 1600 I have perfect stars edge to edge allowing for this 6.5mm on top of my spacers in my imaging train. Now I'm looking at the ZWO ASI178MM, and the back focus distance is stated as 17.5mm, but on the ZWO website is still states the best solution is a total of 55mm back focus length? See image attached: I know this cannot be correct as I use this exact imaging train for my setup with a total back focus of 6.5mm, and this solution would be 11mm to short.
  12. Sorry to bump and old(ish) thread here, but I have a very newbie question. Before I start tugging and pulling at my beloved Esprit; how do you actually remove the focuser from the OTA? I’ve looked online but cannot fine the answer. Is it simply a case of spinning back the captains wheel and the focuser detaches? Is there anything else I should be aware of/risks of this mod? Sorry again for such a noob question. Just want to make sure I approach this the right way, first time.
  13. Thanks RayD. Just what I was after (and posted so recently as well! should have searched more...!) Seems like a little bit of a surgical procedure, but it's the answer I was looking for. Thanks again : )
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