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  1. Nice sharp Moons John, particularly like the colour version. Jeff.
  2. And from NASA. http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/09dec_fullmoon.htm?list948445 Jeff.
  3. We can only theorise withing our own scope of knowledge, and who really knows in practice that thousands of times the speed of light is not possible without one disappearing up ones own a***. I personally think we haven't been visited, but i suppose i'm open minded in that it may be possible if it's beyond our understanding, Jeff.
  4. What about a Synchron motor for a Zone valve. Available from most plumbers merchants at around a £10 + or B&Q it even. http://www.hansen-motor.com/pm-synchron.html http://www.uk-plumbing.com/honeywell-40002737003-240v-synchron-motor-p-1401.html Jeff.
  5. A word of Warning just in case you should come across an 1.1/4" filter displaying the word "SUN" etc, Throw it in the rubbish bin as these can cause irreversible damage to the eye's. Jeff.
  6. Great M42 Craig, i would be ecstatic if that was my work, Nice one mate. Jeff.
  7. A little info about the Mirrors from NASA. http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/10dec_mirror.htm?list948445 Jeff.
  8. Great movie, At the end of it, you could mistake it for Hubble, Nice and clear. Thanks for the share. Jeff.
  9. Classy! great first lot James, nice and crisp Crab mate, well done. :hello1: Jeff.
  10. congratulations on your first attempt and you achieved a nice Moon shot, Not easy with emulsion, even if you can process it yourself so you have time for another go. Great camera. Jeff.
  11. Jeff RV


    Thought i would say hello and a warm welcome to SGL for all those I've missed. Jeff.
  12. Wow! First class M42, crystal clear Steve, beautiful mate. :salute: Didn't you resolve a superb "Helix Neb" earlier this year Steve? Jeff.
  13. OK, Try a small plastic flexible tube with a weight taped on the end so it falls down in the tube and the other end attached to a hoover pipe with tape. "Caution" Make sure you have plenty of air flow around the small tube so as to avoid any vacuum in the ota. I think you will find this will work. Jeff.
  14. This is also a handy link to have for domes and rotation. http://www.observatorycentral.com/index.php?showforum=16 Deep pockets as billy states Jeff.
  15. You could also contact "Sirius Observatories" for advice, but from what I've seen, motors etc don't come cheap. http://www.siriusobservatories.com/main.htm Jeff.
  16. Maxdome i do believe have this. http://www.cyanogen.com/dome_main.php Jeff.
  17. Beautiful image Eddie! lovely detail, I think the HaLRGB does it for me. I like a bit of colour. Jeff.
  18. Hi Pete & welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy your stay. Jeff.
  19. Very nice Ant, fantastic sight, it kinda makes you want go there. 8) Nice work mate. Jeff.
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