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  1. I see Altair Astro are going to start selling the Kendrick Pavel "approved" masks in the new year...Advert on P80 of January AN...

    Pity he didn't patent it and all the info is in the public domain....glad I have been posting about it for a few months as well as and publishing free templates for a number of months .... :lol:


    Mask-ed bandit then is it!! :(:D:lol:


  2. Well said Warthog.

    Thing - I suppose we all find different things interesting. But I am sure if there were people outside your house pointing in the air at a hovering flying saucer you would have a gander! :(

    We had an Airship flying around some years ago, it was the type with the under slung cabbing and two engines, one either side.

    This was lit up from the inside and advertising something although for the life of me i can't remember what it was, But it was very plain to see what this object was, and yes you guessed it!! The police and local paper etc had nothing but reports of UFOs.


  3. Most accelerant chemicals for ammunition are now days in forms of fast and slow burning "Nitro Powders", and i would suspect that once the projectile/bullet is pressed into the cartridge case, most of the air would be pushed out at that stage, after ignition the bullet will accelerate down the barrel with no air in between the case and bullet, only that from its own chemical reaction.

    So yes, i suspect it would fire!


  4. Jeff

    I take it you didn't check out www.narcap.org

    Hi and welcome to SGL, Imahumanbeing. :(

    I went to the link you provided and found this on the front page in the 'Disclaimer' :D section (bold emphasis mine):

    "NARCAP is aware of an intense debate regarding the existence, nature and source of so-called "UFOs". NARCAP Technical Reports and documentation have been used by various "UFO" groups to promote their theories and opinions regarding the existence of "alien spacecraft" and "extraterrestrials". NARCAP does not endorse any of these claims nor does it encourage this use of its material."

    That about says it all, doesn't it? :lol:



  5. WOW. So you guys have studied and can explain all of the unexplained UFO reports by pilots which have been tracked on ground and air Radar with visual confirmation on the ground and in the air and electromagnetic effects? www.narcap.org You must have also explained all the sightings of UFOs with video/photo evidence, multiple witnesses and ground marks from when these objects have landed. I guess you also have a complete theory which explains all the forces of nature and thats why you know we aren't being visited because it's not possible for them to get here.

    This is a great website and the Astropictures are SPECTACULAR. Good to be able to speak about such silly topics as UFOs isn't it!

    It's funny how there's no evidence!!

    Welcome to SGL.


  6. I noticed the public toilets in Helensburgh had their lights on all night last week. They're locked up from 4.30pm and the lights weren't on earlier than that. So presumably the guys locking up turned the lights on as the closed them. Nice waste of public cash, and of course doesn't help with dark skies.

    If all these little things were sorted, councils would have more money to spend on important things.

    Wasn't George Micheal singing recently. :(


  7. Jeff,

    Checking Doc G's notes on MAPUG, he gives 59mm as the " calculated distance for a reduction of 0.33".

    Thanks Merlin, I thought MAPUG was no more, as last time i tried to go into i couldn't get in?

    Must have been my old link, no problems now.



  8. I also have a Meade f3.3 reducer, but the manual states it needs to be mounted straight onto the threaded rear cell of the scope, which means you cannot theoretically mount it onto the "Micro Focuser", But i had a play with it in this position and it seemed OK without any vignetting using a ccd with terrestrial.

    Here's a link to the CCD instructions for the F6.3, F3.3.


    Likewise! What should the ideal distance be?


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