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  1. wouldn't know where to start :D

    Laser cut ply save a lot of carpentry but boy was it a messy job......charcoal dust and glue took weeks to wear off my hands...

    Mines going to be re-worked this year... now the locals are getting used to it... going to have a dorma style vieport added to give much wider FOV...ready for some other stupid ideas...




  2. OK Billy, the focusing aid thread must be a record by now, so i say.

    Hats off to you mate for all the hard work and enthusiasm you put into this,

    Well done mate.

    Now I'm thinking of an Observatory Dome Kit, shall we say 8' dia, any thoughts mate? :hello2:


  3. My other hobby beside photography and now Astronomy is sewing,Choosing my equipment for sewing is so much easier :D



    Hi Kath & welcome to SGL.

    Good luck with your new scope, i suppose you will cotton on eventually :hello2:


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