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  1. Hmm!, well it just isn't practical to make one via this method, for the 12" LX200R, as it needs to be printed out on A2 paper, and that's something I can't do :(


    The 12" is a bit of a handful Dave, i intended printing it on celluloid or something similar to save on the cutting side, but it wasn't until Peter emailed me the PDF doc i realised just what complications are involved.


  2. Fantastic set up Jeff!

    We're all wondering just what the views must be like!!

    I couldn't help noticing that the chap was wearing what looked a like a "back support!"



    It looks like he'll finish up in traction pulling that monster about. Not sure even the views through it would justify

    A life of pain. :(


    Either that Ron or down that ditch, it's a little wobbley going over it. :)


  3. Hello

    I've got a solar eclipse where I am at about 5:00. Not sure If it's a total solar eclipse or just partial. :(:) I don't have a solar filter, so I'm making a projection screen.

    Any chance on getting some pics?


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